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HEAVYLIFT@SEA and SeaRenergy Offshore present the all new OAV SR1

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Logo-seaRenergy-4c-großHEAVYLIFT@SEA and SeaRenergy Offshore present the all new OAV (Offshore Assistance Vessel) SR1

SMC, SeaRenergy and Con4Mare join forces and form a one‐stop‐shop cooperation for the offshore wind industry In order to combine experience and know how derived from offshore wind projects in Great Britain and Germany.

The scope of services of the cooperation comprises Transport & Installation services,  Engineering, Marine Consultancy, Marine Warranty Survey as well as the provision of Offshore Specialists.

Whereas SMC has a long track record in Marine Coordination and Client Representation on offshore projects, mainly in Great Britain, SeaRenergy and Con4Mare have broad experience in the German sector. SeaRenergy is planning, engineering and executing transport & installation projects. A milestone has been the transport & installation of the HVDC converters HelWin alpha and BorWin beta in 2013 and 2014. Con4Mare has a significant track record as provider of Marine Warranty Survey‐ and Engineering Services on the offshore market.

SMC has been providing Marine Coordination services to offshore wind farms for nine projects until today. SMC Ltd has used this long experience to develop Atlas ‐ a bespoke marine coordination software to manage vessels and personnel during offshore construction projects.

The system has been designed by marine coordinators themselves, using their experience in conjunction with customer feedback to shape the system for the specific requirements of the

All companies will remain independent but will offer their services through the other in the respective country:

SeaRenergy will broaden its scope of services by offering the full package of Marine Coordination and Marine Consultancy of SMC incl. the Atlas Marine Coordination Software in Germany.

SMC will add the full range of Project Engineering and Consultancy services to its scope of services and will also be able to strengthen their footprint in Marine Warranty Survey with the knowhow and experience of Con4Mare.

“Combining both German and British aspects, especially regarding Engineering and Marine Warranty Survey, we are confident that our cooperation gives us a stronger position in the British market”, Ian Coates, Managing Director of SMC says. “With this package, we have a unique offering for the British market.”

“Over the last years we have seen consolidation of service providers in the German offshore wind market. We believe that this process will continue and that the clients will require a broader scope of services from a single source”, Benjamin Vordemfelde, Managing Director of SeaRenergy says. “Being equipped with SMC’s hands‐on software solution Atlas and its knowhow and experience in Marine Consultancy and Marine Coordination, we will be in a position to match that development.”

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