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The "Ariadni" during berthing manouevers at the Port of Mesta, Chios, Greece

The “Ariadni” during berthing manoeuvers at the Port of Mesta, Chios, Greece

The Passenger ferry “Ariadni” of Hellenic Seaways whilst berthing today at the new Port of Mesta (south west of Chios island in Greece) due to the fact that the island’s main port is blockaded by the refugees coming from the opposite Anatolian coast of Turkey. Another shameful event (that of the blockade) following the fights errupted over the weekend in the island’s hot spot at Chalkeios and earlier on this evening the unprecedented attack of riot police against Chiots and in particular women for complaining on the state of affairs as a result of the Migrants not being properly contained and conversly their behaviour, upsetting, with the inability of the Greek and European Authorities to halt the influx and problems they also create, and creating havoc in the island’s as well as to many Greek islands and the Greek mainland local communities, due to the Turkish blackmail policy.

It is about time this hypocricy ends here and now, as we believe that despicable events will happen. We have numerous times uploaded unique and exclusive news and pictures from one of our teams visit on the island last July…We have well in advance warned the local, Greek and European Union on these coming events…

Viewers can see herebelow the excellent video by Konstantinos Milt. Anagnostou, who many times before has send us excellent videos which, among other issues,  saw the seamanship of greek merchant marine officers, a result of a good maritime education and training…. He has also send us videos immediately aftre the Turkish trafficers leave the immigrants they bring over from the Turkish coast and the mess created by pollting the coast line of the island. There isn’t smoke without fire. We look forward to your comments.

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