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Konstantinos Vassiliades, Chios Marine Club's new president

Konstantinos Vassiliades, Chios Marine Club’s new president

According to the results of the Chios Marine Club elections which took place on 30th of  March, the following were elected and the new Board  has as follows:

2. IOANNIS KOTSANIS Vice President
3. GEORGIOS N. LOS General Secretary
4. BYRON VARONIS Treasurer
6. ALEXANDRA KARAMANI Member of the Board
7. GEORGIOS TSOURIS Member of the Board
8. MARIA KOSTALA Member of the Board
9. ANTONIOS PITSILOS Member of the Board

Kostas Vassiliades, takes over from Markos J. Tripolitis who successfully navigated  the CMC for nearly six years. It is good also to see in the BoD a couple of women!

As Chians we feel more than proud for the Club’s continuous success, given its international involvment, add the many business and social events that take place each year and you can see that same is second to none! Bear also in mind that today Chios controls nearly six percent of the world’s shipping fleet and this club is the  club of all stakeholders in Planet Ocean’s most powerfull business!

We will revert soon with an update.

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