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EIRA’s very special issue!

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George Hatziioannou, EIRA' editor

George Hatziioannou, EIRA’ editor

EIRA’s latest Newsletter Volume 4, Issue IV for April 2016 is out making strides given its important messages and contents!

Its editor George Hatziioanou writes in his monthly message:

“We are proud to announce the beginning of our collaboration with the newly established think tank and Greek branch of the International Association for Energy Economics, the Hellenic Association for Energy Economics (haee.gr). Through HAEE, Greece will benefit from a truly international organisation which will serve as a bridge between her and the rest of the world. Moreover, international energy specialists, academics and government officials will have at their disposal a team of global experts to rely on their invaluable knowledge and assistance in implementing energy projects. President of HAEE Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos of RCEM, ESCP Europe and his team have succeeded in cementing this significant endeavour of international proportions, thereby enabling Greece to open her doors to the worldwide energy community”

Herebelow the issues covered. Log on and read, then comment and spread: 

The contentious deal on the migrant flow struck between the EU leadership (despite deep divisions) and Turkey seems to be rooted in the Roman principle “do ut des” (“I give that you might give”). On the surface, it looks like a sound compromise in the absence of any other unequivocal and convincing alternatives.

Life after Daesh: has anyone started to map it out?

One crucial point is absent from the discussion about the Islamic State (IS), or Caliphate, or Daesh if the Arab name is used. What about the Middle East and Northern Africa after the conclusion of that appalling calamity?

Western nations, supported by the UN, are keen to restore a kind of statehood in Libya, which disintegrated after the killing of the dictator, Col. Muammar Gaddafi who died from bullet wounds in 2011. So far, attempts to bring back law, order and some form of stable governance are basically unsuccessful.

Is Algeria doomed to become the next Syria?

The question is not so inappropriate as it seems. Basically, it is the last secular regime in the MENA region being unaffected by the catastrophic consequences of the Arab Spring, which started unfolding in 2011.

The sudden announcement of a possible comeback of the Interconnection Turkey-Greece-Italy, known as ITGI, with its Poseidon infrastructural link (see. “Poseidon Pipeline: The Ghost Is Back!”, Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2016), has placed Athens on a collision course with the European Commission. Once again, the political overtones in business seem to be obscuring a reserved and unbiased calculation of the pros and cons of putting in place a piece of infrastructure, which is aimed at increasing the interconnectivity of the still not fully integrated European energy market.

It is no big secret that Greece has all the prerequisites to assume the role of a regional energy hub, predominantly in respect of pipeline gas and LNG, and act as a gateway to South East Europe.

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