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The BDI is losing steam

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The latest plus levels particularly on the Dry Markets suggest that the Markets are losing steam; the wets for sure… John  Faraclas briefly assesses the shipping market

At 671 points, that’s a plus 12 points since yesterday, the Dry Markets are losing steam. The volatile Capers only got 35 points, and the BCI 2014 now stands at 1, 065. The Panamaxes’ and the respective index, the BPI  just six points plus at 746. The Supras five and the BSI clocking 534; the BHSI’s Handies just six @ 334….

The Wets as said going under with the BDTI at minus three @ 790 and the BCTI remaining the same @ 536…

The price of oil, the WTI fluctuates… close to the US$ 40 mark, but…

What a great conference that was on the Safe Heavens earlier on today! Try to attend the next one!

The Geopolitics for sure will soon determine quite a lot of issues; be on guard!

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