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New offshore vessel uses Corvus

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The "Edda Freya"

The “Edda Freya”

New Offshore Vessel Uses Corvus Lithium Ion Energy Storage System (ESS)

Corvus Energy ESS powers newly christened Edda Freya – the environmentally friendly offshore construction vessel from Østensjø Rederi AS

Richmond, B.C – April 26, 2016 – Østensjø Rederi AS has christened their new offshore construction vessel, Edda Freya. This new vessel was designed and built for the Greater North Sea market and utilizes an environmentally friendly and fuel saving diesel electric hybrid propulsion system powered by a Corvus Energy ESS (Energy Storage System).

The subsea construction vessel was designed with a focus on cable laying operations, offshore construction and IMR operations. The vessel’s first mission will be with DeepOcean, performing installation work for Statoil on the Maria development in the Norwegian Sea and specifically, the modification of the Statoil platforms Kristin and Heidrun. Such critical and high precision work will be made possible by the vessel’s highly reliable propulsion and DP3 positioning systems.

The Edda Freya, with a length of 150 metres, a width of 27 metres and 2, 300 square metres of total deck space will be a powerful tool in the offshore construction market. The vessel is well equipped for such offshore work with a 150T dual tensioner vertical lay system and a 3000-ton carousel situated below deck.

The fuel saving, environmentally friendly propulsion system (Siemens BlueDrive PlusC) was implemented by Siemens in cooperation with Østensjø Rederi. By using variable rotational speed with optimal operation of the diesel generators in combination with the Corvus ESS, the system will significantly reduce fuel consumption and the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and greenhouse gasses (CO2/methane).

About Corvus Energy
Corvus Energy provides high power energy storage in the form of modular lithium ion battery systems. Its purpose built, field proven battery systems provide sustained power to hybrid and fully electric heavy industrial equipment, including large marine propulsion drives. For more information, please visit www.corvusenergy.com.

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