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Technical meeting: IMarEST UAE, Sander Meson Group and Insatech Marine

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The IMarEST UAE, Sander Meson Group and Insatech Marine teams.

The IMarEST UAE, Sander Meson Group and Insatech Marine teams.

Under the auspices of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) UAE Branch, the Sander Meson Group and Insatech Marine hosted a knowledge sharing session for the Middle East maritime fraternity.
Opening the event,  Nikeel Idnani, Honorary Secretary, introduced the IMarEST UAE branch committee which was elected on 16 April 2016 during their Annual General Meeting. Having invited the 90-strong audience to welcome Honorary Chairman – Jacque Powell, Nikeel went on to emphasize that the newly formed committee will uphold the aims and core values of the institute by facilitating knowledge sharing, learning opportunities and continuous professional development for the Middle East’s maritime community. They intend to achieve this by hosting technical meetings and participating in industry events with other organizations.

The knowledge-sharing session benefited from contributions by three speakers:

Andreas Schalla (CEO) and Stefan Sandberg (Sales Manager) explained that the Sander Meson Group provides turnkey solutions in the design and production of valves, actuators, tank measuring systems and anti-heeling systems. A primary reference was the package of 750 hydraulically actuated high performance butterfly- valves during the conversion of the world’s largest ships ULCCs TI Asia and TI Africa into FSO in Drydocks World Dubai in 2009.

Henrik Nielsen, Sales Manager, Insatech Marine described the company’s Bunker Management System (BMS) which is developed, designed and constructed to act as a safeguard against manipulation of bunkered marine fuel oil. The system uses Coriolis flow meters to measure the mass of the fuel oil directly, without the need to rely on conversions from volume. Furthermore the system automatically adjusts for temperature variations and is able to detect any air in the oil as well as vent any excess air. According to the IMO in 2014, the total annual worldwide bunker consumption was 300m MT. Bunker volume losses are between 3-5%, corresponding to 9m-15m MT. Using this BMS ensures that the ship receives the amount of fuel oil that has been paid for, as a pro-active tool to be used against short deliveries when bunkering within optimized ship turnaround. Understandably, this presentation attracted lively participation from the audience.

Henrik Otendal, CEO Sander Meson Group delivered the closing remarks and a vote of thanks. On behalf of the IMarEST, Jacque Powell presented tokens of appreciation to the speakers.

Nikeel, who presided over the informative meeting, thanked the local agent (Futuristic Middle East), and principals Sander Meson Group and Insatech Marine, for their combined sponsorship of the event, as well as the speakers for sharing their knowledge and the audience. A great deal of interest was also generated by a business card raffle draw with total prizes valued at AED3800 donated by the Marriott, Futuristic Middle East, Arc Group, Drydocks World Dubai, Al Mufaddal Engineering, Interocean Ship Repair and Bureau Veritas. The evening culminated in further networking, in part assisted by an impressive array of contemporary international cuisine served up by the chic Marriott Al Jadaf hotel against the dazzling backdrop of the Dubai skyline.

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