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@606 the BDI raises eyebrows…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With just one point down the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) extends not what all believe, uncertainty, but further chaotic situation; John Faraclas’ daily market and geopolitical recap:

So then, the Markets, both dry and wet continue to dive.

  • The Capers’ BCI 2014 was down two points at 920; the Panamaxes lost two points too – the BPI now standing at 542 points.
  • More droppings for the Supras and the Handies with their respective indices BSI and BHSI closing at 567 (minus three) and 344 (minus one).
  • So all in all the market continues to be …“high and dry”
  • The Wets too follow suit with the last publish BDTI and BCTI reading 739 (minus 15) and 487 (minus two).
  • The WTI ended for the first time after many many months just above the US$ 50… Caution!

On the geopolitical front now:

  • The Migrants sage continues. The Europeans still a total mess!
  • The Middle Eastern mess in Syria and its periphery continues…
  • In France red alert for the EURO-2016; caution as it will be detrimental for all if something happens.
  • Brexit reaches a very crucial point.
  • Is Grexit still on the cards?
  • What will India’s Modi achieve in the USA from Barack Obama?
  • In the USA we expect, as per our prognosis that Hillary Clinton will do it!
  • South Korean Shipyards in need to be rescued!

…and a bit of Posidonia 2016:

The Exhibition’s first day open to all, subject being registered, was better than last time round; more stands and more visitors creating havoc in the parking site… during their departure. Well …manned stands and womaned too… with interesting products and services, and excelent service by the organisers, paticularly thir Press department headed by Extrovert! The Wold’s number one Shipping event by far. Posidonia make Greeks understand, I mean hte Greek public, what it means of Greece to be the World’s superpower in shipping!

The Tradewinds Shipowners Forum at Posidonia Exhibition Conference Hall was excellent but very debatable on many issues and due to time restrictions there wasn’t much time for Q&A’s,   particularly on the second panel so as to challenge it;  time will tell the end of the story. Excellent and honest statements from all panellists and indeed a very good duo of moderators. We hope in 2018 sto re-discuss with the same people the same issues. With the room bursting to its seams and interesting networking at both drinks and dips receptions, the event will remain in the history of shipping as the Forum of Forums, particularly for what was aired!! As with the previous three events – Lloyd’s List, Capital Link’s and EEDE’s, we reiterate our written views about the prospects of the shipping markets. One thing which made us more than happy was DNB’s Henriette Brent-Petersen point that there isn’t any traditional market cycle!

WISTA-Hellas Posidonia reception at Galazio was indeed the Sea-Maidens super event! WISTA’s from all over the world participated under the unique weather conditions of the south Attica coast in a great get together demonstrating their power! The silent force of Greek and International shipping comes out of the box; BRAVO!

Eurobank’s Arion-Astir Palace Posidonia event surpassed that of 2014 attendance, with many shipowners, shipmanagers and ship operators, lawyers and of course Eurobank’s powerful international shipping team headed by Christina Margelou. Excellent drinks and dips, the music too, alike last time round, was great! We were more than pleased to receive an interesting gift, a very thoughtful gift,   the Ships, Ta Karavia by Paris Prekas, which enhances our arts sector in the site! Shipping and the Arts are more than interwoven! Good to see many old friends and relatives too!

Antipollution S.A’s Akanthus party was more than a successful celebrations for the up and coming group headed by Vyron  N. Vassiliades. The thousand strong faithful were …reimbursed by the main firework being the announcement of Antipollution S.A’s venture with Veolia; watch this space! It is the environment  s…

Capital Maritime & Trading Corps’ Posidonia Party, as always at the Island was from all aspects spectacular. The very inventive Vangelis Marinakis’ teams know best to keep all happy! Excellent!

Aegean Protective Coatings Metropolitan Hotel reception was another …paint of success!

In the tranquil unique environment  at Vouliagmeni Lake, Greece’s Hellenic Committee of Lloyd’s Brokers’ Associates held their annual reception which lasted until very late!

Enjoy the remaining of Posidonia Exhibition and its multiple of events – business, social and sporty ones!

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