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Chaplain supports seafarer shot by terrorists

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Lambas and his wife with Sailors’ Society chaplain Muhartono Tito

Lambas and his wife with Sailors’ Society chaplain Muhartono Tito

Sailors’ Society port chaplain, Muhartono Tito, is supporting a seafarer who was shot by terrorists.

Lambas Simanungkalit was working on board a tugboat when it was hijacked between Malaysian and Filipino waters.

Four of the 10 crew were kidnapped by the armed men and later released.

Muhartono, based in the Indonesian port of Banjarmasin, described events: “The hijackers came on board and threatened the men with their guns. Lambas saw four of his friends being taken away and feared for the others who were being fired at.”

In the confusion, Lambas was shot and fell to the ground.

“He told me that the sound of gunfire was deafening, ” added Muhartono.

Still conscious, Lambas was helped by a friend, who covered his wound with a cloth and radioed for help.

Malaysian armed forces then transferred Lambas to a bigger boat, where he received medical assistance.

He was taken to hospital in a grave condition.

“The doctor was amazed he was still conscious, ” said Muhartono.

Following two days of operations, Lambas’s condition deteriorated.

Muhartono added: “The doctors told his wife to expect the worst, he was weak and they gave him only a 20 per cent chance of surviving his injuries.”

But amazingly Lambas has recovered.

Muhartono said: “His recovery is a miracle. We will hold a thanksgiving service in their home and invite seafarers and the local congregation to attend.”

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