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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

The Dry markets are getting slowly but steadily slightly better, in contrast with muddy Geopolitics; John Faraclas daily briefing:

With 11 points plus the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) changes the otherwise bleak mood, given the worsening geopolitics…

Both the Capes and Panamaxes respective indices – the BCI 2014 and the BPI gained 19 points reaching 1, 049 and 710 points respectively; not bad…

The Supras and the Handies with just six and three points plus at 633 and 347 respectively complete the dry market picture.

The Conatiner trade will be soon re-defined; interesting situations are on the cards!

The Reefer Trade too will produce some rich pickings! the impoved Panama Canal will be more tahn beneficial for the box trade and beyond! Learn your trade!

On the Wets though, both BDTI and BCTI lost five (686) and two (462) points respectively; caution…

The price of WTI below the US$ 50 mark – now reading US$ 48.66… and still a lot to be worry for…

All in all the best market to acquire tonnage! Don’t listen to the gurus and analysts; they really know NOTHING (what an oxymoron exprssion…). Listen to you business shipping intuition and proceed further. If all speakers and analysts in fora and conferencs were to be “heard” and “followed” the market was going to be completely down to zero! Keep your cards close to your chest!

On the Geopolitical front now, things are going from worse to worse:

The BREXIT saga continues producing further tremors and uncertainty in all fronts all over Planet Ocean and in particular over Europe and the United Kingdom:

For a start, Nigel Farage head of the UKIP party, resigns yet again; what a palaver!  He maintains the view that the United Kingdom needs a Brexit prime minister! What a trimmer! Don’t ask the actions taken and the stanch of BoJo… simply pathetic… What another trimmer! Both of them and their accomplices they make it a mess and damn lies is the issue that justice must look at!

The Immigration issue  re-surfaces after decades in the UK with a bleak outcome, unless logic prevails. Coincidentally many German and in particular Jewish people who fled the Nazi behaviour, wish to return back and reinstate their German nationality!

Still on the Immigration issue, both sides of the channel are in a limbo; shame! Just a few days ago the centenary of the battle of Somme’s took place and it is a shame that there exists, from both sides of the channel, an unprecedented behaviour; shame yet again! People from both sides are not bargaining chips!

The Migrant’s issue, still the most important one, continues and unless the politicians understand the mess we go through all over the world and as you read these lines, in Europe, we are going to see despicable situations enfolding! Basta!

The BREXIT effect will soon engulf the European banking industry and Italy might the situation a bit sour; caution and be on guard. Same applies for all European nations, not to say the World will be soon in trouble!

As said in previous reporting, I am a pro-European, but Europe dominated by Brussels bureaucrats and Germans – assisted mainly by the French, lost its dignity which at no any price the British intent to loose; end of the story! Even at this eleventh hour, politicians MUST seat down and honesty discuss that reversing the current status quo will be detrimental for Europe and for many of its generations to come. Europe avoided for seven decades a third World War, it will be out of any context to begin a new one now!  I guess the Russians are closely watching the situation and all things being equally they can do “business” with the British! They have done so successfully durng the Tsars, the Soviets and the Oligarchs now; didn’t you know this!

To put you in the context of how Europe and its bureaucracy works, try to find the latest by Dr. Nikos Mikelis on “Europe cannot ban beaching and still pretend fight is for workers and planet” in Tradewinds and you will understand what I and many mean/ think for Europe’s attitude! Wake up and let’s change Europe all together for the benefit of all!

In Saudi Arabia, over the last three days things are getting worse. For over two years now ISIS targets the Saudis and we expect more trouble all over the Arabian Peninsula!

The Syrian, Iraqi, Libya and Afghanistan conflicts continue and no end is on sight!

The latest Turkey re-approachment with Israeland Russia is a sign of something strange coming up in the entire Eastern Med – Black Sea region. That was a very dubious play from Erdogan’s side!

Alexis Tsipras of Greece, now for a six-day visit to China,  “contemplates” with the Chinese for better days with a list of investments; meantime a new electoral process is up on the cards and Greece possibly up for grabs! Both issues will soon determine the fate of this first time left prime minister and his multi party and coalition “faithful”.  Wonder when the GREXIT takes place as, due to other factors, the end is nigh! This summer and the autumn period to come for Greece, will be the time of total discontent. Just wait and see.

At the other side of the Atlantic the Americans celebrate their Independence Day: the 4th of July! A day for all Americans to contemplate but for the politicians in particular – given the current presidential election race, to realise that there is a lot of work to be done in maintaining peace world –wide and strengthen the heavily indebted American economy. The super Power, although flexes its muscles, must put its house and finances in order!

More to come…


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