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BDI’s unsustainability continues

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

With just two points plus today and the BDI at 694 proves that the steam has gone and uncertainty might engulf once again the Markets; Geopolitics continue to become more bleak! John Faraclas’ daily recapitulation:

The BCI 2014, the Capers’ volatile index lost another 15 points today  and now stands at 1, 019 points. If it continues, tomorrow the 1, 000 points barrier will break downwards again…. Double caution here!

The Panamaxes continued their steady advance with 2o points –now standing at 755 points.

The Supras ‘ BSI with a two point plus at 639 tries hard to maintain even this day by day rise…

The Handies’ BSI  remained unchanged  at 349…. Hmmm for caution!

The Wets were once again down. The last published BDTI and BCTI lost six (now at 673 points) and eight  (now at 448) points respectively…

The price of WTI now stands at US$ 46.43…

In the Geopolitical front, very simple and to the point:  things get worse in all fronts, in all countries!  Expect a major worldwide collapse; it’s on the cards already. The thing is when the political establishment and the business hooligans – which comprise the system,  will accept same to be officially published.  News is what they don’t tell us, but we in allaboutshipping know all about it! Be on guard!

One thing that dominated the news today was the damning Chilcot report’s findings – a damning verdict for the Gulf War; Blair’s conscience will haunt him for ever, his family and his likes. A message for all small and wrong leaders to avoid unnecessary coalitions and decisions which, at the end of the day as you read these lines, create havoc worldwide from terrorists actions. Enough!

Have a nice evening, tomorrow it is another day!

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