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AAL delivers historic crane consignment

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7FF9B334-683E-4F4D-BBE0-9D77AA9C29EBAAL has completed the transport of the first ten of 20 automated stacking cranes (ASC) in several shipments from Shanghai to Melbourne, for final delivery to Victoria International Container Terminal.
  • The cranes – which measured 473 sq m each – were shipped in sets of four on board AAL’s 31, 000 dwt vessel AAL Hong Kong along the carrier’s Asia-East Coast Australia liner service.
  • This is the first time four ASC units of this size and weight had been loaded and transported on a single vessel.
  • Four in-house AAL engineers worked in tandem in China and Australia to plan and oversee the operations. Loading and unloading of the huge units involved the simultaneous use of AAL Hong Kong’s three on board cranes.
  • The ten final units will be transported over the next few months, with final dates pending.
Please find attached some really lively high resolution video and images of the transport. There’s a lively high resolution video, the link is  here  and its various options (with/without supers/voiceover etc). 
Photos of the loading in Shanghai are available below herebelow:
i. First cargo unit loading                                               
ii. First cargo unit loading                                               
iii. Cargo loading from barge                                            
iv. Fourth cargo unit loading from barge                                                
v. Fourth cargo unit loading from barge                                                
vi. Stevedores and crew lashing cargo                                             
vii. Stevedores and crew lashing cargo                                            

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