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Management Skills and Innovation are Key to Overcome the Current Difficulties in the Energy Industry

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Energy is pivotal to the address of some of the most pressing global issues. The industry represents one of the most amazing, dynamic, but also unpredictable sectors across the world.

Assessing the key drivers for energy demand and supply going forward, the impact of climate change, the increased role of renewables and what the future holds for the industry are some of the challenges experience by senior energy professionals.

The future of the industry

Technology will continue to play a significant part in the industry and change its dynamics. Technological trends are crucial not only for technical efficiency in supply and consumption, but also for industrial structures and for the design of regulatory regimes and policy.

“To bring new sustainable energy for the long term we need new leaders that are well versed in policies, techniques and ability to bring energy and use it strictly to meet the challenges of the world – Management Skills and Innovation are Key” said Michael Borrell, Europe and Asia Senior Vice-President of Total E&P.

An entirely unique proposition

Education is fundamental for future energy leaders. As a top business school, ESCP Europe and its Research Centre for Energy Management (RCEM) are making an impact in the industry, in the energy business in particular.

With a strong 360° view of the energy industry, our goal is to equip executives with the tools to excel as decision makers in a dynamic, competitive and complex sector. This unique strategic approach has enabled our Executive Master in Energy Management executives to meet the current challenges from the consumer, producer, regulator and user perspectives.

The Executive Master in Energy Management (EMEM) is a flexible, 12- month part time programme that allows candidates to combine executive studies and a full-time job. The programme is suitable for professionals already working in the industry or would like to change their careers and work in the sector.

Modules include:

  • Oil & gas
  • Electricity & Renewables
  • Energy Commodity Trading & Shipping
  • Energy Law
  • Environmental Management
  • Energy Project Evaluation & Financing
  • Energy Economics
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Energy Policy

To see the full list, click here to download the brochure.

Individual masterclasses of the EMEM programme are also offered on the specialisations below:

  • Fundamentals in Energy Technology & Management
  • Energy Entrepreneurship & Strategy
  • Energy Markets, Trading & Hedging
  • Energy Project Development & Value Creation
  • Energy Markets International Seminar in Houston, TX

To find out more about the EMEM programme & its individual masterclasses, click here.

Online Session

The Programme Director for the Executive Master in Energy Management will join the session to answer all your questions! Join us today at 4pm (UK Time) for your chance to learn more about the programme and ask all the questions you have about the future of the Energy Industry and our programmes to the Director and Admission Team. Don’t miss it!

Register here.

For those who are less advanced in their professional Energy career, we also offer a full time MSc in Energy Management (MEM) programme.

If you would like to know what it feels studying at a genuinely multinational, multicultural, multi-campus entity, we asked our EMEM class of 2016 what they loved most about the programme. Find out more here.

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