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New personnel transfer carrier from industry leaders

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Photo courtesy of Seaway Heavy Lifting

Reflex Marine, a global leader in safe marine access solutions, launches its’ latest innovation, WAVE-4.

The company’s dedication to safety and innovation over the last 20 years’ has led to the improvement of safety standards for personnel transfers across the globe. Now Reflex Marine are adding a new device to their range to meet the needs of their diverse client base.

WAVE-4 captures over 20 years of learning, experience and feedback from the industry. This new personnel carrier for standing passengers offers fall prevention, impact protection and has floating and self-righting capabilities.

James Strong, Project Manager, said: ‘Every year millions of passengers are safely transferred using Reflex Marine carriers. We are committed to increasing this number and ensuring all workers are transferred safely and efficiently whilst working in the marine environment. The company’s aim, with WAVE-4, is to provide the highest level of protection and performance for any standing transfer carrier on the market.’

WAVE-4 passenger transfer

WAVE-4 passenger transfer

‘With extensive passenger protection and the smallest footprint of any rigid transfer carrier on the market, WAVE-4 offers clients a convenient, cost-efficient and safe way to move their crew.’

All Reflex Marine carriers are subject to the most rigorous testing of any personnel transfer carrier in the industry. Testing and verification ensures passengers are protected from the 4 key risks of personnel transfer by crane, falling, heavy landings, side impacts and immersion.

The company put considerable focus into improving the ownership experience, making the product more durable and simplifying inspection and maintenance. High costs and significant product downtime was common feedback from owners of existing standing transfer devices.

Reflex Marine clients can now benefit from a full range of transfer solutions for different sea states, crew volumes and preferences. Clients continue to be supported globally by the company’s network of approved partners.

There will be a WAVE-4 product demonstration in Great Yarmouth, UK, on 3rd August, for more information follow this link.

WAVE-4 will be on display at the SMM International Trade Fair in Hamburg this September and Offshore Technology in Amsterdam this October.

Viewers can visit www.reflexmarine.com for more information.

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