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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

The Markets due to the heatwave have “surged” and the  BDI (Baltic Dry Index) gained seven points! “Manna” from Havens? Geopolitcs in jeopardy! John Faraclas’ midweek recap:

Well, well, well, “good” news for the hoi polloi now that the markets …gained a few points but hold a small basket as we are 1,362 points apart from the 2,000 point threshold, were, the difference will indeed make a positive effect; this is the harsh reality!

  • The Capers’ BCI 2014 gained 25 points and now reads 795; interesting!
  • The Panamaxes’ BPI on a 17points plus now standing at 659 points.
  • Drop for the Supras’ BSI at 639 – minus two, and
  • Plus for the Handies’ BHSI now at 391 –  plus two!

It’s better than nothing, every little bit counts… but…!

  • The Wets steadish with the last published BDTI (Dirties) down one at 504 points and the BCTI (Cleans) up two at 449 points. All in all we are in very low levels and caution should be exercised!
  • The price of WTI as we compile this recap stands at US$  42,31 – dropping a bit…

Many investigations of many shipping companies are underway – some openly and some still silently… Expect explosive news and corruption charges and many other despicable things to surface.

The geopolitical front is very perplexed:

The Migrants issue still being the number one; governments and others responsible hide the truth, but quite a lot is officially and unofficially leaking to the media… and beyond. For example in Greece’s North East Aegean Islands there are 10.042 migrants awaiting their fate and the “approved” accommodation is for 7,450. Can anybody from all these inhumane politicians and their cronies in Athens and Brussels deny this? Shame! We can challenge them openly and live on TC any time thy wish! They could have been ready as they had more than the right information long before but did NOTHING! Add the Turkish Blackmail which continues and see what will further happen!

BREXIT as we have repeatedly mentioned, the United Kingdom will perform what is best for its people and the Commonwealth! It will be a great model, a successful one and many will follow some of its unique plus remedies for furthering the economy. The losers? Brussels et al… Those who circulate news of colossal losses, they must alos publish hte plus figures too – I doubt what hte IFS says…

GREXIT: we sincerely hope it takes place and all involved for what the Greek people suffer for over seven years now,  seat on the dock – both local and foreign politicians and their cronies.

Turkey’s Erdogan will make at the end of the day the NATO alliance a big mess; remember this!  Flirting with Putin’s Russia has only one scope, one target: to destroy the European Dream  and the Western World, which needs to immy rectify a lot of silly and proven today wrong policies!

The War in Syria gets worse and unless same is contained asap expect a messy Autumn and Winter too for the entire periphery!

Wildfires in Madeira makes it very dangerous indeed. Lately we have, more fires per annum than twenty years ago and it goes worse and worse.

In the USA  gun ownership rights put the seriousness of the elections and Trumps personality to the test. Attacking Mrs. Clinton in this way, exept that is unfair, is dangerously stupid and can trigger a messy social revolt – you never ever know! Expect, as we have written in the past, a very messy race to th White House.

That’s all for now; and update will follow later.

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