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HELMEPA Junior latest activities in Greece

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Visit to the Neorion Shipyards-4th Primary School of Ermoupolis, Syros island

Visit to the Neorion Shipyards-4th Primary School of Ermoupolis, Syros island

More than 3,900 environmental activities carried out by HELMEPA Junior members throughout Greece

In an era predominated by depressing news from national and international developments, the extensive environmental activities carried out during the past school year by 7,675 children-members of the “HELMEPA Junior” Program and their 549 teachers from 224 Primary Schools and Kindergartens in Greece are more than welcome and “fuel” us with optimism for the future.

According to the reports submitted by the Program’s young members and their teachers, more than 3,900 activities were implemented in total throughout Greece reaching a record high!  Specifically, the kids voluntarily cleaned their local beaches and parks and recorded the garbage they collected thus becoming aware of the individual’s responsibility for environmental pollution, detected illegal landfills and other sources of pollution and informed their local authorities, created artifacts from trash material and participated in  recycling programs, disseminated environmental material they compiled to raise the awareness of their local communities, were informed about shipping and the industry’s historic ties with areas of Greece and acted as young scientists carrying out simple research in the field and classroom experiments.

The children’s enthusiasm to be informed and contribute to environmental protection is more than obvious, as teachers confirm in their assessments of the Program. They stress that the Program is flexible and based on evidential experience, it nurtures an environmental consciousness and promotes cooperation and fair play principles among the children.

HELMEPA wholeheartedly thanks all of the Program’s children-members and their teachers, the voluntary actions of which fill us with hope for the future and show that through cooperation and support we may create a better environment for present and future generations.

Also, the Association wishes to thank Lloyd’s Register Foundation for financially supporting HELMEPA’s environmental awareness activities over the past 8 years thus contributing to the wider dissemination of these messages to children, youth and teachers all over Greece.

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