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Harris PYE Group implements global integrated management system

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Mark Prendergast

Mark Prendergast

The Harris Pye Engineering Group has implemented a Global Integrated Management System (Global IMS), which ensures that everyone working in any of their 16 facilities and offices around the world is working to the requirements of a new integrated manual. This brings together, and combines, the group strategy in relation to quality, health and safety, and environment standards. All three standards are certified by Lloyd’s Register and audited by them on a regular basis.

“We have long been working to the standards certified by Lloyd’s Register, but each country had its own manual. Bringing them together as one fully maintained manual has been a three-year project, and ensures that everyone in the Harris Pye global operation is working to the same document and aims,” explains Harris Pye’s Chief Executive, Mark Prendergast. “This means that all our global team is literally ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’, can take ownership of the standards wherever they are, and thus feel empowered.

“This is invaluable for it means, regardless of physical location, the same procedures are followed and the same documentation is completed, and clients can have confidence that throughout our worldwide operation we are aiming for, and achieving, these three vital standards. The Global IMS is an invaluable tool when preparing a bid, for adherence to the three standards is a prerequisite in the bid process.

“The Global IMS greatly assists in the understanding of the management principles in relation to risk, continuity, change and crisis management; and the relationships that control our business interests at the individual facilities around the world, as well, of course, as range of client requirements. Importantly the requirements of national, regional or local legislation are highlighted, and worked to. If one of our team in say Brazil or Singapore, is working on a bid for Abu Dhabi, he or she will be fully in the picture on legislative requirements.

“The Global IMS defines responsibility and empowers individuals to make decisive decisions in meeting their goals and objective, and promotes the business model of ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ in achieving our strategic goals. It also promotes adoption of an ‘opportunity for improvement’ approach, rather than ‘mitigation of risk’, which ensures a more positive approach,” he adds.

“We believe that the Global IMS provides the framework and evidence to our clients around the world that ours is a progressive company, striving for continuous improvement by constantly and consistently improving and maintaining our standards to the highest achievable levels.”

Further information on Harris Pye is available from www.harrispye.com

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