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One Step Closer to Ratification of the Hong Kong Convention

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Dr. Anil Sharma

Dr. Anil Sharma

19 September, 2016 – Denmark’s recent decision to move ahead with the ratification of the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (HKC) in Spring 2017, brings the legislation one step closer to implementation. On the announcement of this encouraging news Dr Anil Sharma, President and CEO of GMS, the world’s largest buyer of ships for recycling, commented:
“Denmark’s steps towards the ratification of the HKC is a clear endorsement of the growing international support for the principle that the industry should work to improve the safety and environmental standards at ship recycling yards, wherever in the world they may be. The standards laid out in the HKC and its guidelines are enabling the industry to achieve sustainable goals for ship recycling. Importantly, the market is beginning to hold companies accountable for out-dated procedures. There is increasing momentum towards voluntary Statements of Compliance in line with the HKC and more owners are now opting for green ship recycling when vessels are sold.”

“Denmark’s support of the HKC is of significant importance. It will have an enormous impact globally on the sustainability of ship recycling and, consequently, on the lives and conditions of shipyard workers. GMS has always supported safe and environmentally sound ship recycling becoming the norm, rather than the exception and the entry into force of the HKC will ensure this happens.

“As the HKC progresses towards enforcement, the European Union’s Ship Recycling Regulation is also entering a critical stage, as a decision is awaited for the yards in Alang holding Statements of Compliance with the HKC whether they should be included on the list of EU approved recycling yards.

“These yards have proven that they meet the high safety and environmental standards laid out in the HKC through significant investment, training and development within the region. Excluding these yards would create an insurmountable divide within the industry based solely on their geographic location, and threaten to halt the positive progress made by the HKC in South Asia.

“Denmark’s decision to move towards the ratification the HKC shows a growing international support for sustainable recycling across the globe. We hope that other countries will follow Denmark’s example through ratification and vocal support for its high standards and principles.”

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