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HELMEPA on World Maritime Day

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Photo1 (1)Yesterday Thursday, 29 September 2016, the international maritime community celebrated the World Maritime Day at IMO, in London.

At a special forum titled “Shipping: Indispensable to the World”, which HELMEPA attended, the Secretary General of IMO, Mr. Kitack Lim, spoke about the importance of shipping for global development. He urged the personalities of the panel moderated by the chief editor of TradeWinds, Mr. Julian Bray, to challenge the audience to express views along a constructive discussion.

The panel with moderator the chief editor of TradeWinds, Mr Julian Bray

The panel with moderator the chief editor of TradeWinds, Mr Julian Bray

Mr. Bray, underlying the need that shipping meets and even exceeds the expectations of society, proposed and the session focused on the future of the industry along the following directions:

1. Sustainability

2. Globalization

3. Regulation

4. Technology

5. Social engagement

6. Profile and Image of Shipping.

During the statements that were made and the exchange of views with the panel it was reported that shipping has come to the point of transporting annually 10 billion tons of cargo worldwide.

At the reception that followed, while addressing his guests, Mr. Kitack Lim said, among other, that in this changing world the most effective tool for meeting the current and future challenges is communication among all.

The cordial welcome the Secretary General extended to HELMEPA in respect of the voluntary commitment of its Members to “Safe Ships in CleanSeas”, was noted with great satisfaction.

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