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Intermodal Europe 2016 – How technology is helping shape the global maritime industry

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A view from a past Intermodal event

A view from a past Intermodal event

Transport is often seen as an indication of the broader economy. Undoubtedly the container shipping industry has had an unsteady journey over the past 5 years, driving companies to look to more innovative ways to streamline operational costs, provide higher value services and increase overall productivity. Shipping lines in particular are searching for ways to reduce costs by optimising and automating their business processes.

As efficiency, automation and communication embeds itself at the forefront of the industry, leading global companies will gather at the Intermodal Europe 2016 Exhibition this November in Rotterdam, to discuss how technology can help businesses to regain profitability and understand how to attain maximum value from the technology currently available.

‘The Internet of Things and Big Data in Tracking’ Forum on Day 2 of Intermodal Europe 2016 will provide a full afternoon of conference sessions focusing specifically on technology in container shipping.  These sessions will be presented by a range of expert speakers, chaired by Mark Fletcher the editor of International Trade Magazine and will offer a lively debate on this hot topic.

“In this connected age, data is probably the most important asset a company can possess. But the big question is how do you collect this data, filter it, decipher it and deploy it in order to make actionable, real-time business decisions?” Mark Fletcher explains. “This is certainly a challenge – one that is already being addressed – but it is also an opportunity that should certainly not be ignored, as the business benefits delivered by a data-capable supply chain will deliver an almost instant ROI, while bringing new levels of flexibility and predictability into even the most complex supply chains.”

Claudio Diotallevi, Rail Director, Ericsson, will be presenting the session ‘Connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things and freight data handling’. Using their information and communications technology (ICT), Ericsson is enabling ships around the world to send critical information to producers and transporters, allowing efficient and accurate monitoring of products throughout the supply chain.

‘A digital approach to Cross-Modality’, will be presented by Christoph Wartmann, Founder & CEO of Nexiot AG, giving insight into how data can be gathered using smart sensors and how profit can be extracted using algorithms to provide valuable information to the right place at the right time. “Customers are now ready to buy, but they need to have the support and assurances that their investment is future proof.” states Wartman. The session will focus on how “the early adopters of the technology will get a head start on their competitors if they do it right.”

A session focusing on ‘Intermodal innovation and dynamic business transformation’ will be presented at this year’s conference by Kelley A. Duarte, Assistant Vice President of IoT and Strategic Services, EMEA, AT&T. The session will aim to explore how innovation can redefine the industry and deliver value.

With some arguing that flexibility – and not technology – is key for innovation in container shipping, the conference will aim to address some of these current arguments, whilst providing attendees the opportunity to give their opinion on some of the proposed technological innovations within an interactive forum.

“It has become increasingly more important to bring Technology to the forefront of discussion at Intermodal Europe.” explains Sophie Ahmed, Event Director “Bringing these speakers together will create the opportunity for discussion and sharing of knowledge and the forum will present processes for greater efficiency and cost reduction, all of which are crucial to the development of the industry.”

Additional speakers also presenting within the Internet of Things and Big Data in Tracking Forum, include; Shouqin Zhou, General Manager at CIMC Intelligent Technology and Director at CIMC SSC Center, Corry Brennan, Regional Sales Manager at Globalstar EMEA, Michael Dempsey, Vice President: Container and Port Solutions at ORBCOMM, and Tim Baker, Marketing Director at Traxens.

Visitors to Intermodal Europe will also have the opportunity to meet a number of global companies displaying their technological products and services, including; Avantida NV, Boston Consulting Group, Camco Technologies, CIMC Intelligent Technology, Containerchain , Emerson Climate Technologies,  Equipment Optimization Solutions, Find Box, Globalstar Europe Satellite Services, Hy-Dynamix, iInterchange Systems, Nexiot, ORBCOMM, Real Asset Management, RTE, SpecOps Group, Strainstall, Tamtron, Traxens and Ubidata.

The Intermodal Europe 2016 Conference will run 15-17 November at Ahoy Rotterdam.
‘Internet of Things and Big Data in Tracking’ takes place on Wednesday 16th November.

The agenda and full details can be found here: www.intermodal-events.com/conference

The full exhibitor list can be found here: www.intermodal-events.com/exhibitors

Intermodal 2016 ROT NOV 15-17

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