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Helsinki, Finland
New cruise berth to replace Melkki Quay
Friday, October 28, 2016, Helsinki, Finland
The use of Melkki quay in [Helsinki’s] West Harbour will be ended in 2019, when the area will be allocated to residential construction. The Port of Helsinki Ltd has decided to replace Melkki quay with a new quay built to Hernesaari, which will become an extension to the current docks in the area and is mostly intended for the use of large cruise ships. Construction of this new quay is also a necessary investment in order to maintain the port’s position as one of the best locations in the Baltic Sea……The new quay can receive vessels that are up to 360 metres long. The construction starts in 2017. A maritime residential area is planned in Hernesaari: it offers a wide range of boating and sailing services, and in the summer the residents can also admire the international cruise ships passing through.The main focus of international cruise ship traffic has, for the entire 21st century, moved from the South Harbour to the West Harbour, due to the growing size of the ships. Currently, up to 90% of the international cruise ship passengers come to Helsinki through Hernesaari and Länsisatama.

During the last cruise season, Helsinki received 240 cruise ships carrying a total of 408,900 passengers. Last year, there were 254 cruise ships and 436,500 passengers.

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Source: Port of Helsinki – http://www.portofhelsinki.fi

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