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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

A dropping BDI (Baltic Dry Index) and uncertainty on geopolitics create the worse ever picture since the end of the Vietnam War; John Faraclas weekly recap:

The BDI lost 20 points since yesterday standing at 1,181 and 76 since last week’s 1,257 points sending shivering and multiple messages around.

The Capers were indeed the size creating more or less this picture followed by the Panamaxes.

The BCI 2014 lost 111 points since yesterday and now stands at 2,263 points. It was also down a massive 479 points since last Fridays 2,752… Volatility and unsustainability the name of the game for the Capers…

The Panamaxes slowly slowly recovered and the BPI gained four points now reading 1,389, but it only gained just one point since last week’s 1,388…

The Supras and Handies continued their modest rise; the BSI gained 11 points since yesterday now standing at 908 – just above the 900 threshold and 99 since last week’s 809 points…

The Handies at 520 up eight and up 54 since last week’s 466 – another barrier has been crossed..

The Wets continued to enjoy the plus mode; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans)were both up 16 and one point since yesterday and on a weekly 55 and 23 respectively (from 831 and 437).

The WTI dropped a bit at US$ 47.96 nearly a dollar since yesterday – “good” news for the poor if it drops further….

Only the Ships Sales and Purchase front offers good opportunities, so all of you with cash to spare go for it, particularly for newbuildings and take the revenge from the greedy shipyards and their cronies who called a fast one on you over the last 15 years!!!!! I might sound tough, but this is what the yards and their cronies deserve to read.

Did I hear you say shipfinance and shipfinancing banks? All are in red – 95 percent of them; wonder who is paying the damage…

So, as per the title of today’s recap, not a pretty picture and same applies for Geopolitics.

In the Geopolitical front, very simply the MIGRANTS issue goes worse and Turkey will create further chaos. Turkey must be reprimanded asap before it creates a worse off situation for all (Europe, NATO etc).

The War in Syria and its wider periphery against ISIS must end before as we have foreseen spreads around. |Wonder what the “strategists” have in mind.

BREXIT will become the unique example of how silly is to belong to a union where there are terms of entry, but not terms of exit… What a palaver…

Greece must join the United Kingdom and leave too; its people cannot afford to be strangulated by the Brussels conmen led by Germany’s Merkel.

Italy must be closely watched; the entire European Union is in a mess.

At the other side of the Atlantic, things are not cleared yet with respect the coming Trump policies!

Russia pursues its own agenda.

The Chinese economy too must be scrutinised.

We must all guard our society from possible terrorist attacks, particularly after the fall of Mosul and Aleppo!

That’s all more or less the main issues in continuation of all our previous reports this week and the previous ones.

Have a nice weekend and be on guard for every eventuality.

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