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Markets losing steam amid Geopolitics’ chaos

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Uncertainty rules the Markets and Geopolitics are creating a situation of no return. The World is about to change in its entirety and this is  a  f a c t !!!  The daily briefing by John Faraclas:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) is losing its “momentum”; there isn’t any strength whatsoever. The only hope is for the many to collapse for the few and heavily indebted to survive. With two point plus,, the BDI is nominally dead… and at 1,204 coupled with geopolitics and historical “anniversaries” makes the world go round. At 1204 the sacking of Constantinople took place marking the end of the fourth crusade, remember. The Christian West under a perplexed for the many issue, managed to capture, loot and destroy parts of Constantinople, remember, eh! The same way is being tried today with deceit having Mrs. Merkel at the wheel… Shame eh! Refresh your memory and see why Greek people are very upset with the behaviour of their “allies” in NATO and the European Union! It is of course a coincidence, a true though coincidence how figures and number make up…but…! Let’s call it a numerical coincidence… but…!

The Capers’ BCI lost 41 points and now reads 2,263; “equally”, coincidentally the Panamaxes’ BPI gained 41 points and now the respective index stands at 1,465 points… CAUTION for both sizes…

The Supras were up four points with the BSI reading 912… and the Handies’ BHSI was up five at 537 points.

A very strange dry market all together.

The containership saga goes worse…

The Wets still very lethargic with the last published BDTI (Dirties) down one point at 895 and the BCTI (Cleans) up five at 443 points.

Most shipping companies, the listed ones in particular are in red… There is an ongoing war for many companies to destroy each other using every means available. Make a note of this and one day you will remember where you’ve read these lines. It is the same way when some people are trying to destroy friendships, long standing family relationships – you dead well know what I mean. Add the pesters and hackers and cyber-attackers and see of what our society is made off…

There has been a surge at the WTI price now standing at US$ 48.37 – and that’s the bad news for the poor households worldwide… Will OPEC cut output? If so, then Tankers might have better days, but… We are all praying and wish for the Alternative Sources of Energy to make the expected surge!

The Geopolitical chaos is Chaos in all respects!

The MIGRANTS numbers surge; Italy will soon like Greece be in chaos as more and more find their way to its coasts and islands. Just watch the news… The rest was explicitly covered yesterday…

Greece continues to have more problems with the MIGRANTS thanks to the EU one sided policy. One day though we will so zero tolerance when Germany goes under! We must use harsh words to stop the despicable policies of Mrs. Merkel and its Brussels cronies. Enough! Let’s see what the UN is up to and what Donald Trump will order when he enters the White House… President Obama spectacularly failed; sorry, but this is the truth. One would expect Obama to act otherwise.

The Syrian saga continues silently – only after the fall of Aleppo and then in Iraq/ Kurdistan of Mosul, we will be able to see the extend of the damage. Putin’s Russia has its own agenda, hence their presence there.  Now, don’t ask about Ukraine and Crimea; its all over!

All in all, Turkey might attack many countries in the region, particularly Greece. The die is cast, but… The War of Words by Erdogan makes waves. If the shit though hits the fan, don’t blame the Greeks. There will be a worldwide response in all fronts despite the situation the Greek public is right now!

The thorny issue of Cyprus if not resolved will become the graveyard yet again for many generations to come, this time though for the entire periphery.

BREXIT as we have numerous times reported will change the entire image on Planet Ocean. Every day new things and issues surface. the Mighty continent is dead thanks  to the Germans yet again.

GREXIT too must take place. What a laugh, they are now coming to tell the Greeks that they are willing to cut the debt by 21,8 centum until 2060 – in 44 (forty-four) years; who lives and who dies… So, who’s trying to call another fast one on the Greeks? Shame!

The Iranian issue will be one of president Trump’s main issues; caution there too.

China seems not to interfere ere as it should; the Chinese have a different approach to all Geopolitical issues.

More news later on tonight

Have a nice evening and be as always on guard for every eventuality!

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