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MRV-READY Approval for DYNAMARINe “Emissons Monitoring Platform”!

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DYNAMARINE E MISSION 14102016The DYNAMARINe “EMP” is now certified to be MRV-Ready and in compliance with the EU MRV IT requirements based on Regulation (EU) No 2015/757. The “EMP” is able to provide our customers with: :

  • Reliable data gathering and inconsistency verification;
  • Comprehensive analytical tools for shore personnel;
  • Valuable Benchmark tools for operational efficiency;
  • Automated MRV reports and other customized report templates that would qualify the Verification Process TODAY!

Our customer’s objective to accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively satisfy the imminent EU-MRV requirements is now met with the DYNAMARINe’s Emission Monitoring Platform.

DYNAMARINe has successfully completed a rigorous audit from Verifavia Shipping (Hellas), who basis their globally accepted expertise in Carbon Emissions Verification examined all the evidence and processes, tested the system in both dummy and real-life conditions and after confirming that every necessary gap has been appropriately closed has now provided its assurance that the system has been properly developed in accordance with the relevant Regulations and standards and is able to accurately monitor, gather and report any vessel type carbon emissions.

You may contact us anytime at info@dynamarine.com in order to request further information or arrange to have a presentation of the DYNAMARINe “EMP” system.

For more information please visit our site.

Should you have any questions, kindly contact us.


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