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The BDI@1,003 equals 7 on the Richter scale, current Geopolitics…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Notwithstanding the gurus’ views the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) approached yet again a very crucial level; the Geopolitics too: John Faraclas’ midweek recap

With minus 49 points  since yesterday, the BDI at 1,003 threatens the entire trade industry.

The major contributor to this fall, was once again the Capers with the BCI 2014 at 1,169 losing 235 points! Disaster at its best, but expected from this side – read our reports until today and see for yourself.

The Panamaxes too suffered major losses with the BPI ending the day at  1,332 points down 87!

The Supras continued its survival modus and gained another three points, enough to bring some good earnings… The BSI at 975 isn’t that bad in comparison with the rest of the sizes/indices. Equally the Handies’ BHSI  closed at 590, up six points; good luck for a great number of owners…

So, all in all a falling market, SKYFALL as we said back on the 9th of December…

The Wets stabilised a bit with the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) gaining some points; plus six and plus four respectively at 889 and 446…

The price of WTI dropped a bit and now stands at US$ 51.16… we are witnessing wet…games unfortunately!

Container-shipping remains in tatters…

Whatever happened to the RBS? All set and closed down; end of the story for the Bank of Banks in shipfinance? who’s the real loser? Investigation please!

Mentioning what many consider as the RBS’ messy exodus from shipfinance, eyebrows are raised world-wide due to the bad results of many listed companies.

On the geopolitical front now:

Indeed the MIGRANTS remains THE top Story; even Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission while speaking at ZDF now admits that the Migrants crisis is neither over nor under control and asked the EU states to show solidarity so to speak… Shame! He said also ….surprise surprise …that the EU-Turkey agreement works but in a Pan-European level same is not tackled appropriately… With all due respect, forgive me but these statement is pure nonsense! Time and Nemesis will bring him down to his knees, unless he comes down to his senses and raises to the circumstances as the situation is more than grave! The post Aleppo and post Mosul will prove detrimental  for the MIGRANTS’ issue for Europe and beyond.

The Syrian saga continues and simply we wish to see an end to the inhumane situation from wherever same emanates, as if not expect a revenge, so be on guard.  The whole issue looks complicated, but it is NOT! There is a lot of hype! The Aleppo to and fro ceasefire must be kept and a humane exodus should take place. We need though all the combatants and functions to declare officially for which cause the fight for now! and what about Putin’s Russian designs for the region and his energy business appetite…?

Under the pretext of this ongoing Syrian sage, coupled with the Kurdish mayhem, Turkey pesters all nations around and expect a major spill-over. The EU and NATO is to blame, as some clever dicks there they’ve got it wrong! Turkey is NOT fulfilling its obligations towards the EU on the MIGRANTS issue on purpose…

Greece is once again in tatters with the European Union and its lenders. PM Alexis Tsipras decided to offer a Christmas bonus to pensioners worth US$ 647 mio or Euros 617mio. Discussions break down again. Expect another round of mess, and mind me, why not a melt-down… GREXIT please!

BREXIT continues, after the MIGRANTS issue to be the second most importnt issue and soon will be the number one; just wait and see.

In the Far East expect mess due to China’s fortification of the Paracels islands. China claims the entire South China Sea.  CAUTION as China is building up a hostile environment in the region which is also one of Planet ocean’s most important sea-lanes, amounting to 18 percent of all cargo movements!

President Duterte in Philippines makes once again headlines with to and from statements of killings…

At last, casinos in Japan are now legalised!

Nothing much from the North Korean leader; wonder why he is so conspicuously silent…

Mrs. Yelen raises the interest by .25 centum. She also mentioned that it is wrong to speculate on Donald Trump’s economic strategy without having some more details… Ms Yellen said it was wrong to speculate on Mr Trump’s economic strategy without more details.

How do we respond to the one billion affected in YAHOO‘s mess since 2013? What an email hacking story is this?

The Banking world is in a total mess; too many banks reduce their outlets and make thousands redundant! Just have a read on what happened in the UK and let us have your comments!

Have a nice evening and be on guard!

N.B. This is an updated report just before midnight


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