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Markets and Geopolitics: volatility returns…

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John Faraclas

John Faraclas

Markets and Geopolitics: volatility returns yet again; challenges at the low end…

As said numerous times in the past, one size cannot dictate the Markets and one nation cannot anymore dominate the affairs on Planet Ocean; John Faraclas’ daily and weekly report:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed up 33 points since yesterday at 961 and a …good 15 points up since last Friday’s 946, all thanks to both the volatile Capers and falling, strangely enough, Panamaxes – though the Panamaxes’ fall was a contained one…

The Capers and its BCI 2014 was up 166 points reaching 1,385 and 337 points higher from last week’s closing of 1,048… wonder how many can measure this volatility and its consequences!

Equally the Panamaxes and its respective BPI …entertained us all …accordingly; the daily loss was, as said above, contained at a minus 14 points, bringing the BPI down to 852 and on a weekly basis it lost 274 points from its 1,126 level. Alarming bells for both sizes. Wonder on projected valuations what figures valuers will give, and on a comparative six months to one year projected time what same will be and what percentage will reach (plus/minus), eh!

The Supras continued both their daily and weekly fall; the BSI lost today 11 points – approaching the 900 threshold, it reads 903 points and since last week 57 points were lost (from 960). It was the size with a continuous rise, but… nothing should be taken for granted.

The …up and coming Handies loss on a daily and weekly basis was minimal; 597 (minus four today) and three since last week’s 600…

The Wets with mixed results on a daily basis, but on a good plus since last week; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 936 – minus nine, and 675 – plus seven respectively. The weekly figures looked far better with the BDTI up 27  (from 909) and the BCTI up 184 (from 491); excellent!

The WTI as these lines are being written surpassed the US$ 53 reading US$ 53,01… It should fall though as any cent above the  US$ 50 will trigger more poverty and austerity means; wonder where is the CSR from the Oil Producing Nations and Trading Companies, as it is fine for the companies to make profits but NOT to unethical levels where the few gain and the masses suffer, as this might trigger revolts of the fifth kind as I brand the next major social revolution which will emanate from the greedy business hooligans. Mind me I go for money, for lots of money like many of my close relations, but there are issues which I find pathetic and willing to debate live on any A1 class TV station.

Given the above, I am sure you are all closely watching the mega energy jargon and warfare mayhem in the Middle East and other regions on Planet Ocean, such as the South China Sea and other places and let’s see the final outcome, as for a start the pictures we see from Syria are more than disturbing – wonder if the architects of this  on purpose mess feel any remorse… I guess whether they are Christians or not these Holy Days can pause and reflect back to what they have done with the nonsense diplomats and destroy millions of people’s lives, at least One Billion People are endangered… Shame…

The MIGRANTS saga continues; that’s the biggest Shame of our generation.-

The murderer of the Berlin carnage was shot dead in Milan at day-break; a perfect punishment as he did carried on! A lesson to be learned.

The high-jacking in Malta involving an Afriqiah Airways Airbus A320  from a domestic flight in Libya ended with the three giving up themselves!

Turkey is in a triple-mess: political, financial AND geopolitical. Time is of essence to see an end to all these issues as if not solved it will trigger a multiple of disturbances and beyond in the region and the wider periphery…

Wonder what Putin and Erdogan have in mind; for sure the West must take action before it is too late.

The Syrian saga enters, following the fall of Aleppo, another stage, a very difficult one.

Next door the Israelis are not happy with the UN’s decision to stop the settlers expanding – another mess all over the region with Palestinians and Israelis at loggerheads… CAUTION.

Greece is in a difficult position as a result of both the internal morons’ governance and the external hatred and envy from Europe and beyond. A nation to watch! Would love to see a GREXIT and see how Mrs. Merkel and her team reacts; IMF too! Cutting the Gordian Knot is a very Greek thing you know!

BREXIT, BREXIT, BREXIT: lets see how same continues and to what extend it will affect the Planet Ocean’s economy!

At the other side of the Atlantic President-elect Trump prepares himself for the next four years. Can he match Putin? He MUST raise to the circumstances before it is too late for the Western free world. All in all, we need to remind to the Americans that projection is one thing, reality yet another. The free world and in particular the free shipping world sees and considers America (The USA so to speak)  and the United Kingdom as the bastions of free world’s economy!

Meantime the Dow Jones approaches the 20,000 points… What next for the Global economy? The BDI did the exception reaching nearly 12,000 at Posidonia 2008 and then something rocked the boat, remember…?

China will be faced with major financial hiccups; Caution.

Japan is watching from the sidelines ready to enter and protect its vested interests not only in the Pacific Basin, but beyond!

Anyway, that’s all for now, enjoy the Festive Season and be on guard. It is now we must be ready for every eventuality!

Finally, we take this opportunity to Thank You All for your trust and support over the last five years that this medium is on air and we promise that we will continue to do our best in predicting the Markets right and prepare you on time for the Geopolitical influences that affect same. Our teams in the major shipping centres, that is London and Piraeus have done their  utmost best to keep you advised on many issues! Our media and news contributors are also to be thanked for their support. The Viewers too, the thousands which every day log on us and make us more than happy and proud! The biggest  Thank You goes to all those who entrust their promotion through us via their banners and articles: T H A N K   YOU  ALL; it is nice to have you onboard!

P.S.: We will revert with a full Annual Recap soon; watch this space!

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