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IBIA celebrates 24th Annual Dinner

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Robin Meech

Another successful event as Association continues to grow its reach and influence, introducing new Chief Executive and board members to the membership.

Around 1,000 marine fuel professionals attended the prestigious International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) annual dinner on Monday 20 February to mark the start of International Petroleum week in London.

True to tradition, IBIA’s chairman spoke about the Association’s activities and achievements over the past year, outlined priorities for the year ahead, thanked outgoing board members and welcomed the new.

Chairman Robin Meech opened his speech by saying that IBIA is in a new era, with growing membership, a new strategy and new management.

He highlighted that IBIA now encompasses a broader membership demographic; having recently welcomed the Institute of Bunker Buyers & Consumers into the fold, and also through IBIA’s several associate members that are active in shipping, and alternative fuels such as LNG and methanol.

“This augments IBIA’s status in the international communities, providing a balanced view tempered by listening to all elements of our industry,” said Meech.

Meech spoke about IBIA’s stronger presence at the International Maritime Organization, where the Association has been increasingly active, making contributions to the debate about implementing the 0.50% sulphur limit in 2020.  IBIA will continue these efforts, in collaboration with other industry association and inviting input from its members via IBIA’s working groups.

Looking ahead, Meech said a key activity this year will be the drafting of a guide to good practice for bunker suppliers, a task that the IMO has called on industry to take a lead on. Meech noted that this is also a cornerstone of IBIA’s Port Charter, an initiative bringing together key ports, including Singapore, Rotterdam and Gibraltar, taking a lead in promoting best practices for bunkering.

Meech further emphasized the importance of training and the use of modern technology like mass flow metering systems to increase professionalisms and raise standards in the industry.

On behalf of IBIA, Meech thanked two outgoing board members, John Stirling of World Fuel Services, and Steve Simms of Simms Showers LLP for their services to the Association, and welcomed the newly elected board members.

Lim Teck Cheng of Hong Lam Marine has been re-elected for his second term, while two new board members will begin their 3-year term on April 1, 2017. They are Martin Laue Brodersen from the Danish shipping company Torm, and Dilip Mody of India-based bunkering firm Global Fuels & Lubricants, who returns to the board after a one-year break.

At the end of his speech, Meech presented Captain Peter Hall with a gift from the Association in recognition for all the splendid work he has undertaken for IBIA over the past four years. Hall announced in November last year that he would retire from the role as IBIA’s chief executive.

This year’s annual dinner was the first opportunity for IBIA’s new Chief Executive, Justin Murphy, to meet the members. Murphy told the dinner guests he was “extremely proud” to take up the role and that all those present should be proud because the bunker industry drives global trade and plays a significant role in bringing prosperity to communities all around the world.

“IBIA’s strategy is to continue to attract members from every part of the globe and the bunker value chain; to work with members to enhance the reputation of the bunker industry; and to lobby effectively, to be your voice, with all of our key stakeholders,” said Murphy.

IBIA would like to thank its sponsors, Akron Trade and Transport, Prax Bunker, Gulf Petrol Supplies, Total Marine Fuel and BP Marine for their generous support for IBIA’s 24th annual dinner, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.

About IBIA
The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) exists to provide an international forum to address the concerns of all sectors of the international bunker industry; to represent the industry in discussions and negotiations with national and international policy makers, legislators and other groups and bodies; to review, clarify, improve, develop and endorse where appropriate, industry methods, practices and documentation; to increase the professional understanding and competence of all who work in the industry; to provide services and facilities for members and others as the Board shall from time to time consider appropriate. IBIA gained consultative status with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in November 2005 and is represented at all relevant meetings.

IBIA actively seeks to involve is members through its Annual Convention by educating and motivating members to conclude on major issues and topics of the time, creating the “IBIA Position” to present to IMO. IBIA champions the continued development of professionals within the bunker industry through its Mass Flow Meter, Bunker Courses and its Bunker Cargo Officer qualification.


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