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February 2017
In this issue:
An Alert to the Shipping Industry
Student Art Contest – “Connecting Ships, Ports & People”
Seafood: To Eat or Not to Eat?
Market Your Company Across the Americas
Focusing on Solutions
Upcoming Events
Growing Youth Membership
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An Alert to the Shipping Industry
North American Marine Environment Protection Association NAMEPA United Nations Global Shipping Lanes Whale Conservation

An Alert to the Shipping Industry: 
a letter from Kathy Metcalf, President and CEO, Chamber of Shipping

Kathy Metcalf
President & CEO
Chamber of Shipping of America
-Introduction by Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Executive Director & Co-Founder, NAMEPA
As noted in Kathy Metcalf’s letter below to the Chamber of Shipping of America members, there was a side meeting at the United Nations at which maritime industry and conservationists met with UN delegates and aides to discuss the intersection between shipping and whales.  While the topic of ship strikes and aquatic noise dominated the discussion, this was balanced by a recognition of the role shipping plays in global society and the steps being taken to mitigate shipping’s impact on the marine environment.


NAMEPA Chairman Joe Hughes and I were at this event, and were struck by the intentionality of the meeting from the conservation side.  This is an important issue for them, which, as Kathy indicates, may result in further work on the topics and a push for shipping (through the IMO) to modify its operations.  We need to be prepared.


Carleen Lyden-Kluss

In preparation for the United Nations Oceans Conference set for 5-9 June 2017in New York, a number of preparatory committees and side events are being conducted.  On February 15, 2017, a side event was held at the UN, sponsored jointly by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS),  the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Government of France.  The event was titled “At the crossroads: Global Shipping Lanes and Whale Conservation”.  The event was keynoted by H.E. Peter Thomson, the President of the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly and was attended by a number of governments, evidencing the high visibility of this issue to the UN community.  A large portion of the side event was focused on a panel facilitated by Dr. Greg Silber from NOAA with whom CSA has worked a number of years on ship strike issues.   CSA was asked to participate on this panel as a representative of the shipping industry.  Additional participants included a representative from IMO and three others from the scientific community.  The panel focused on two specific issues – commercial ship strikes of whales and the impacts of commercial shipping noise on living marine resources.

With this summary of the event in mind, the purpose of this email is to alert the shipping industry . . .  CLICK HERE to read more


NAMEPA Art Contest Connecting Ships Ports and People
Sustainable Seafood North American Marine Environment Protection Association NAMEPA Blog
K-12 Student Art Contest
Open for Submissions
“Connecting Ships, Ports and People
Students in grades K-12 are once again invited to participate in the annual calendar art contest sponsored by the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), the United States Coast Guard (USCG), Mystic Aquarium and the Inter-American Committee on Ports of the Organization of American States (CIP-OAS). The theme of this year’s contest mirrors that of IMO’s World Maritime Day, “Connecting Ships, Ports and People”. Submissions will be accepted from youth across the Americas (North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean).
Students are asked to submit an original poster, by March 31, 2017, that creatively depicts the connections among ships, ports and people and how these connections affect our everyday lives.
For complete art contest guidelines, submission instructions, prize details, and more information about ports, ships, and their positive impacts on people worldwide, visit www.namepa.net/art-contest.
Questions?  Email contesthelp@namepa.net
Seafood:  To Eat or Not to Eat
by Julia Zeh
Fisheries are vital for providing protein and nutrients to people around the world; they sustain human life on earth, but humans are currently not using them sustainably.
“Fisheries” refers to all marine organisms which are targeted by the industry, ranging from small invertebrates like clams to the largest animals on the planet, whales. Huge cities lie on coasts and rely on the marine environment and these animals that live in it. In 2014, fisheries captured 93.4 million tons of fish and another 73.8 million tons of fish came from aquaculture. But this level of fishing won’t last forever.
CLICK HERE to read more at NAMEPA’s Blog – www.namepa.net/namepa-blog
Previous Blog Posts:

Questions?  Comments?  BlogEditor@namepa.net


Market Your Company Across the Americas!
Our annual calendar featuring student artwork is being reformatted for 2018 to feature a sponsor each month.  If you would like your company information and logo showcased on a page of the 2018 “Connecting Ships, Ports and People” calendar, email Gail Nicholas at g.nicholas@namepa.net.
  North American Marine Environment Protection Association NAMEPA Art Contest Calendar Example

NAMEPA Focusing on Solutions February 23 College Park Texas
Save the Date NAMEPA Events
“Focusing on Solutions”
Maritime Event
February 23, 2017
Houston Pilots Conference Facility
Deer Park, TX
The maritime industry is experiencing the most aggressive regulatory change in history, with
  • adoption of a global sulphur cap of .5%
  • adoption of the ballast water management convention
  • a roadmap and strategy for greenhouse gases
  • including mandatory reporting of fuel efficiency by 2019
  • NECA proposal for the Baltic and North Seas
  • restriction of HFO in the Arctic
  • and more!
Join your industry colleagues as we “Focus on Solutions” for these and other challenges facing the marine industry.
Featuring speakers from:  Houston Pilots, USCG, Wells Fargo, Environmental Defense Fund, NAMMA, Blank Rome, GTT, RightShip, ABS, and Port of Houston Authority
Upcoming Events
Thursday, February 23rd, Hosting
“Focusing on Solutions” Maritime Event
Houston Pilots Conference Facility, Deer Park, Virginia
CLICK HERE for more information
Tuesday, February 28th
Harbor School Awards Dinner
New York Yacht Club, New York, NY
CLICK HERE for more information
Thursday, March 9th, Presenting- “Careers in Marine Industry:  Thinking Outside the Biology Box”
High School Marine Science Symposium (HSMSS)
Northeastern University Marine Science Center, Nahant, Massachusetts
CLICK HERE for more information
Friday, March 10th, Presenting
Women in Maritime Leadership Conference 2017
Cal Maritime, Vallejo, California
CLICK HERE for more information


Monday, March 20th – Wednesday, March 22nd, Exhibiting
CMA Shipping 2017
Hilton Hotel, Stamford, Connecticut

CLICK HERE for more information


Growing Our Youth Membership
NAMEPA GDUB Scuba Chapter
GDUB Scuba Chapter of NAMEPA at George Washington University

NAMEPA’s chapter program for middle school, high school and college students is growing at a steady rate.  Thanks to the financial support of our members, NAMEPA is delighted to be helping these students in their efforts to protect the environment and share their knowledge with their communities.                  

When students join the NAMEPA Chapter system, they gain free access to our vast network of resources and connections.  Whether it is information on how to coordinate a beach/waterfront cleanup, how to conduct hands-on lessons about the marine environment, or where to find marine industry career information, NAMEPA’s Education Department and NAMEPA Members are ready to help.
North American Marine Environment Protection Association NAMEPA Chapter at Wakeman Boys _ Girls Club
Wakeman Boys & Girls Club Chapter – NAMEPA’s first middle school members

Each month, the students receive a newsletter filled with information about environmental scholarships, internships, programs, and contests for youth.  Plus, the chapters can communicate and share with each other through NAMEPA’s Facebook Chapter Group.

By connecting the students with our members in industry, government, NGOs, and the science sector, we expose them to real life marine environment experts.  In return, our members meet potential employees who are passionate about the marine environment.

NAMEPA Chapter Marine Biology Club
Gaithersburg HS Marine Biology Club Chapter of NAMEPA


If you know a student who is passionate about the environment and would like to gain experience in leadership, public speaking, project management, science, current events, economics, or career development, encourage them to bring a NAMEPA Chapter to their school.  Contact m.hogue@namepa.net or go to www.namepa.net/start-a-chapter.


North American Marine Environment Protection Association AmazonSmileSupport NAMEPA With a Smile
When you shop at smile.amazon.com and choose the North American Marine Environment Protection Association as your charitable organization, Amazon donates a portion of the sale to NAMEPA.

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