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Cool markets and exciting geopolitics with BREXIT

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John Faraclas

The BDI was modestly up and Geopolitics get the impulse of BREXIT – to be triggered anytime now; John Faraclas daily briefing:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) closed up 13 points at 1,099, thanks once again to the Capers, as all other sizes where on a single-digit plus or minus modus.

The Capers at almost half of last Friday’s rise (111), saw the BCI 2014 at 1,843 – plus 54 points…

The Panamaxes’ BPI was down for a second day in a row, now standing at 1,207 points; 0 to minus four…

The Supras’ BSI gained just one point now reads 875 and,

The Handies’ BHSI got four points plus now at 499…

Our view: CAUTION.-

The Wets ended with mixed levels, ups/downs… The last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 850 and 644 – that’s minus 12 and plus six respectively.

The price of WTI as these lines are being written stands at US$ 48,44 – not bad and let’s hope the below US$ 50 level is maintained for the benefit of all…

There is a slight, but positive movement in the Boxtrade as a couple of reactivations brings smiling faces..

Further business pick-up but nothing as yet spectacular. We are still in hibernation in all fronts…

In the Geopolitical front the MIGRANTS still retains the top position, on par now with BREXIT!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq with ISIS and others continues and will continue to the end to the detriment of civilians on all sides… SHAME!

Turkey proved to be a nation which must be ousted from the family of Nations given its pathetic response, needless to say stance over the ongoing issue of the referendum rallies in European cities to lure Turks there vote for Erdogan. It seems to me though that the NATO Secretary-General has still the time, following his concerns for NATO’s unity to mention and also reprimand Turkey for pestering Greece, a NATO ally. Pity! The Turkish behaviour is as always simply DESPICABLE.

Next door in neighbouring Greece, it is about time all political leaders arrange for the appointment of a leader to perform and deliver with a ten-year tenure. That person must form a team of ARISTOS and run, streamline the country as we very much doubt the ability of the opposition to lead nor that of a Government of National unity; end of the story.-

Europe is in a mess in all fronts, not just because of the forthcoming elections in France, Germany or the Netherlands; there are more issues at stake which might ransack Europe!

BREXIT is here now to make the big leap forward following the Bill which was passed in The House of Lords! The way is now open for Mrs. May to push the button on withdrawal talks; the die is cast! We are living in interesting times! It is NOT the Ides of March, it is something more than this for many, except the British people who will have to work hard for their independence from the EU, but not from Europe per se! Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish First Minister confirmed she will seek a second  Referendum for Scottish Independence and simultaneously EU nations request for Scotland to apply independently a join the EU… ask for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence.

At the other side of the Atlantic president Trumps’ healthcare plan will strip insurance from 14 mio people… Meantime cold weather puts everything, almost, on ice in the eastern part of USA and Canada..

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez aka Carlos The Jackal, is on trial for yet another suspected atrocious attack in a Paris shopping centre back in 1974… He vehemently denies same; we shall see…

Thaad in South Korea upsets Beijing and it remains to be seen what next on this delicate issue… Who really call the shots? Who really controls North Korea and its arsenal of nukes?

Very messy problems and cases all over Africa; abductions, kidnappings you name it are on… Africa must get its peaceful momentum before it goes, not just on fire, but in a course of total destruction… CAUTION!

In Australia, the Commonwealth Games relay in now under way!

That’s all more or less and we advise you to be on guard for every eventuality. Be also on guard for imminent changes on Planet Ocean’s financial and stock markets… The bubble might burst!

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