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Week begins with falling Dry and Wet markets

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John Faraclas

Despite what the hoi polloi believe and expect the Markets are falling and there are not any patterns left in the planning of the gurus and analysts to enable shipping companies get better results. Geopolitics too are entering a very crucial period and spreading of Wars will be the name of the game. John Faraclas daily briefing:

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) fell 15 points and now stands at 1,282, thanks to the Capers which lost 79 points and now the BCI 2014 reads 2,518 points.

The Panamaxes gained five points and the BPI now reads 1,379…

The BSI following changes stayed the same – actually under the NA symbol.

Handies’ BHSI gained just a point and now reads 541!

The Wets on a falling modus; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) lost four and 20 points respectively; 790 and 751…

The overall scenery is not encouraging and extra caution should be taken. Unless we see the Dry Market and conversely the BDI over and above the 2,200 point mark,  n o t h I n g   will change. Same applies for the Wets; both should be over and above the 1,500 point mark…

The Geopolitical environment continuous to be dodgy in all fronts and regions. It seems that from what we witness, society embraces the “War Father of all; if you don’t destroy, you cannot rebuilt” maxim. Indeed this is the pitiful message from history and expect a messy April…

MIGRANTS, Wars in Syria, BREXIT, Turkey, Greece, the Balkans – the western ones in particular, Eastern Ukraine in total mess.

North Korea, China with the building up of the South China Sea issue which might lead to hostilities suggest CAUTION.

Africa and in particular South Africa are regions to be watched.

South America’s financial status becomes problematic and Venezuela might burst…

The USA tries to “re-invent” itself. President Trump, like Russia’s president Putin, has his very own agenda and his own course of actions and reactions on all issues –internal and external. CAUTION!

Unfortunately few people take seriously the effects of the Geopolitical issues preferring wishful thinking; there shouldn’t  be any excuses when they go bankrupt…

John Faraclas and Anny Zade

On another note, a more happy one, we witnessed, few people earlier on tonight the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame event at the Megaron – the Athens Concert Hall, were two more inductees entered the Pantheon of Greek Shipping: George L. Daniolos and Nicolaos D. Lykiardopulo are the inducttes of 2016! Over 600 attended supporting also the Hellenic Hope charity! Excellent. We will revert soon with a full report on this event.

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