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Germany’s most sustainably transported coffee arrives

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The “Avontuur”

Organic coffee transported between continents by wind, the sailing cargo ship the Avontuur will arrive in Bremen, Germany on Earth Day 2017 signalling a foundational shift towards a truly sustainable shipping culture.

Timbercoast, the owner of the Avontuur, with their partners at SLOKOFFIE are accelerating the development of a low carbon economy by developing an agile, change-making supply chain that embodies the intensity with which they believe reform in the transportation system needs to occur.

Cornelius Bockermann, initiator and founder of Timbercoast, had built a successful career in the world of shipping where he saw firsthand the negative impact the maritime industry was having on the environment. Realizing that it was time to act Cornelius Bockermann initiated the Timbercoast project.

The founder’s first decision was to work with the Elsflether Werft in Elsfleth, Germany a strong supporter of Timbercoast’s mission to put cargo under sail.  Secondly, Mr. Bockermann needed people as enthusiastic as he was about clean shipping but did not have the funds to contract out all the necessary work.  Through word of mouth and online platforms, skilled tradespeople voluntarily migrated to Elsfleth to help re-build the 1920’s two masted gaff rigged schooner called the Avontuur.  Mr. Bockermann concludes “Our message is clear, we want to point out the shortcomings in global shipping and show that goods can be shipped in a clean and carbon neutral manner across the seas.”

Timbercoast is actively searching to find cargo partners, investors, paying trainees, and sponsors with the same enthusiasm as its volunteers.  Mr. Bockermann adds “finding likeminded stakeholders that believe in nearly emission free shipping has been difficult as rarely do companies want to challenge industry norms.”  Here enters Mr. Bockermann’s past colleague Thomas Riedel-Fricke and his business partner Maik Hembluck from Slokoffie.

“What better way to wake people up to the lackluster approach of the shipping industry towards global warming than through a cup of coffee?” comments Slokoffie co-owner Thomas Riedel-Fricke.  Slokoffie has sourced an organic coffee bean from the high altitude plateaus of Copan, Honduras to be transported naturally by wind aboard the sailing cargo vessel the Avontuur.

The Avontuur arrives in Bremen, Germany on April 22nd, 2017 to celebrate World Earth Day which is a worldwide movement to address climate change.  This is a free event hosted by BREMEN BIKE IT in association with the International Windship Association (IWSA) and the European Regional Development Funds’ Dual Port program.  For more information on this event or to buy goods sailed on the Avontuur please visit www.timbercoast.com.


Company profile

Timbercoast provides wind-powered cargo shipping. Their sail cargo vessel, the AVONTUUR, is sailing in European and Caribbean waters as a tramp cargo service.  Their vision is to revive cargo shipping under sail, linking sustainable producers with conscientious consumers. They promote social and ecological sustainability in the shipping industry by being a flagship for change.  For more information, you can download their Timbercoast Press Map here www.timbercoast.com/media

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