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De Nora unveils all new OMNIPURE™ Series 64 marine sewage treatment system

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De Nora – OMNIPURE Series 64

MILAN, MAY 05 2017De Nora, the world’s largest manufacturer of electrolyzers, electrodes, coatings, electrochemical and water treatment technologies, announced today the debut of the all new OMNIPURE™ Series 64 sewage treatment systems. The OMNIPURE™ Series 64 system is the newest and most advanced offshore marine sanitation devices. The easy to operate system offers minimal maintenance, simplified operations, compact design, and a completely hands off solids management process that is compliant with International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards. The OMNIPURE™ Series 64 system has received Type Certification to IMO MEPC 64 (227) by Bureau Veritas (BV).

“Far different from other systems on the market, compact and hands-off OMINPURE™ Series 64 systems do not rely upon sewage inlet screens and filters,” says Luca Buonerba, De Nora Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. “Utilizing an improved version of De Nora’s proven catalytic coating technology already found in the OMNIPURE Series 55™ design, OMNIPURE™ Series 64 systems are IMO compliant while ensuring a smaller footprint and minimized maintenance.”

The advanced electrolytic processes featured in the OMNIPURE™ Series 64 system imposes physical and chemical changes to the wastewater stream as it passes through the treatment system resulting in the wastewater effluent quality well below the required specifications.

“The all new OMNIPURE™ Series 64’s system small footprint and sanitary solids handling make it a long-term solution for wastewater treatment, ensuring the required results while occupying a smaller space when compared to alternative solutions” says Buonerba. The new system design strategically places OMNIPURE™ technology in a solid position given the growing competitive landscape. De Nora has a long and successful history of providing electrolytic sewage treatment systems to the market and we are confident that this new generation will continue our product’s heritage in the marine wastewater segment”, confirmed Dana Casbeer, Product Manager for the OMNIPURE line.

OMNIPURE™ Series 64 systems range in treatment capacities up to 13,200 gallons a day in a single system – units can be combined for increased capacity. De Nora is a globally-recognized supplier of electrolytic seawater disinfection systems with over 2,000 offshore oil and gas installations. De Nora is also the pioneer of BALPURE® ballast water treatment systems, an IMO approved system, which is installed and operational on a number of vessels for the prevention of the transfer of invasive aquatic species around the world. The experience in treating seawater dates back to the late sixties, when De Nora patented the electrochlorination of seawater using its proprietary insoluble electrodes.

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