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John Faraclas

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) at 1,007 points – thanks once again to the as ever volatile Capers, “managed” to maintain the psychological 1,000-point-threshold… The geopolitical situation gets day by day worse and it will only be that special momentum of explosion in a global scale… John Faraclas’ daily recap:

The Capers reduced their advance (plus 91 yesterday)… to a fair though 64 points  today, plus the fact in saving the day – the BCI 2014 now “comfortably” at 1,635 makes …waves…

The Panamaxes with minimal losses – minus two and the BDI now reads 1,007 – very close to the prohibited zone (whatever nowadays drops below the 1,000 is very dangerous).

Supras’ BSI continued the fall – today down five at 794.

The Handies too …followed suit and the respective BHSI now stands at 512 points..

Not good news yet for the Dry sector, but there is still hope. You see the need for 3o to 35 VLCC’s might encompass the dries… Energy leads towards favourable dry developments – we shall see.

The Wets …stable more or less; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stood at 775 – plus one and 558 – minus eight respectively !!! CAUTION!

The WTI remains below the US$ 46,50 as these lines are written – good for the poor masses!

The Geopolitical aspects are 100 centum going to influence the Shipping adventure to all intents and purposes…

Hundreds of MIGRANTS issues rule the day and no one wishes to end this despicable problem affecting over a billion people!!!! Check it and come back – we will be more than happy to entertain anybody challenging this figure… There are between 7 to 8,000 Migrants in about 20 Migrants centres in Libya the majority emanating from the Sub-Sahara region awaiting to go… to Europe… The official case / issue is that all these are being repatriated to their county of origin with the assistance of their Embassies and Consulates… Another 250 are feared drowned off the Libyan coast according to the UN during the last weekend… Naval Blockade is the only way to stop this, especially people including children, babies and toddlers losing their lives; same to apply in Turkey’s  Anatolian coast with rules of engagement too! See what takes place on the Greek island Chios for example!!! The MIGRANTS issue is causing despicable issues there as well as to all Greek Islands !!! Enough is enough! No excuses!

The Wars in Syria and Iraq as well as the entire situation in the Middle East and its periphery gets hour by hour worse; CAUTION. President Trump gave the go ahead to arm the Kurdish fighters in Syria; he considers them allies and staunch supporters of the US in the fight against ISIS; the Turks now have an issue…

Turkey continues to violate everything in the region and will cause major upheavals for all. Let us hope that the superpowers reprimand Turkey before it is too late… The current Turkish policy will reignite the entire Middle East… Enough…

Greece continues to be in the dire straits of a unique limbo situation… Oblivion is destroying the country by the politicians but also from the public itself who lives in oblivion, but for how long… It is about time to accept the eighth bankruptcy since the modern Greek State was founded… In the meantime and further to our yesterday’s hint, we have been informed that the working group which discussed the structure of the Merchant Marine Ministry had submitted the relevant document to Minister Kouroublis.  As we heard the document reflects the views of the ministry’s civil servants regarding the Directorate of the Shipping Policy and that of the Inspectorate of Merchant Vessels. We hope that the minister who was a member of the Socialist PASOK under George A. Papandreou, will soon realise the wrong direction of this concluding document has; don’t rock the boat! Improvement must be made but not the wrong reforms!

Wonder how good  France‘s new president Emmanuel Macron is in macroeconomics… Wonder what sort of alliances will he be looking within and outside France… Good luck Monsieur Macron!

BREXIT will be the catalyst for everything European; remember this!

In Afghanistan the US says that more troop are needed and the United Kingdom is also urged to contribute more. Wonder what’ up there…

South Korea has a new president; let us see Mr. Moon jae-in can do for the county’s ailing economy and the North Korean pressing issue…

Panos Zacharides hands over the award to Anna Bredima

On another tone, we had the Efkranti 2017 awards in Greece at the Aikaterini Laskaridi Foundation at the Marina Zeas in Piraeus. A very touching event, thanks to Ilias Bissias of Naftika Chronika! The event is dedicated to all those who honour shipping through the years, leaving behind their legacy!

Awards were given to Anna Bredima for Greek Shipping’s  international exposure; Costas Vlachos from the Latsis group as the best manager, Aegeas of Thanassi Martinos, The Tsakos Foundation, The Hadjipateras’ Family, the late professor John Tsamourgelis, Helmepa, and two librarians for the Leipsos islands library in the Eastern Aegean. Who wasn’t there: George Xyradakis, Dimitris Patrikios, Olga Bornozis, Irene S. Daifas, Liona Bachas, Panos G. Moraitis, Leontios Chaviaras, John Lagoudis, professor Nikitas Nikitakos, John Theotokas and many many others; excellent!

Have a nice evening and be on guard for any eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists…

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