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Come aboard the sail cargo vessel Ceiba – Own part of the Sail Cargo Future

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In Costa Rica’s ecologically friendly corridor, a young cargo shipping company is seeking investors beginning June 1st, 2017. The Sociedad Anónima Ceiba restricted its early-bird share sales to affiliated individuals in order to maintain control before acquiring infrastructure. The fledgling S.A., an associate of the International Windship Association (IWSA), now has a build site in Punta Morales, transport equipment, capital, and committed employees added to its team of experienced project managers. Manta Marine Design’s naval architect Pepijn van Schaik, veteran of SCV Tres Hombres, SV Europa and SV Opal is the technical designer. Ceiba’s highly efficient electric engine, which will run off of solar battery banks onboard and be charged by the ships propeller when sailing, is the work of Sigma Plus Assoctiaces, Switzerand. Rigging to be constructed and installed by Topsail Rigging Ltd., of Canada, responsible for the rigging of SCV Tres Hombres, SCV Ruth, SV Opal and SCV Avontuur.   

CEO Danielle Doggett, a former captain with fourteen years of experience on the ocean, explains Ceiba‘s mission, “We are a carbon-neutral and socially responsible for-profit corporation, and we hope to show that if shipping is to continue, there needs to be a huge shift in the way that people do business. Tallships like Ceiba are sustainable now and have always been sustainable. We have not been cutting down trees where there are any other options available.” To deal with the occasions where cutting is a necessity, a reforestation project is underway to ensure that enough trees are planted on a regular basis to replace the materials used. Says master woodworker and co-founder Lynx Guimond, “We have kicked-off a system where more working boats of this kind can be built entirely of lumber planted for this purpose. Ceiba launches in 2020, and we will be aiming to start another build soon after.”

Ceiba will sail along the Pacific Exchange (PAX) Line, the first shipping route developed by SAILCARGO INC, the parent company founded in Canada in 2013. Voyages will take Ceiba and the future ships of this line as far West as Hawai’i, south to Peru, northbound to California, with the Costa Rica Pacific Coast as their homeport. Ceiba will have two main revenue streams: cargo and trainees. Revenue generated from cargo will account for about 84% of income, while trainees will provide about 16%. 54% of gross income is projected to return to shareholders via dividends.

There are three tiers of investors, Class A (valued at $20,000USD, divided into 200 shares) is non-voting. Class B (valued at $1,000USD, divided into 10 shares) and Class C ($100USD, representing one share) are voting. The feasibility of the project as a whole has recently been evaluated by an outside consultancy, Vision To Reality. VTR stated that there are several market failures that increase the prospective value of Ceiba S.A. “Few zero-emissions marine transport alternatives exist in the shipping industry, representing a gap in the ‘sustainability’ of progressive supply chains…Larger vessels entailing less attention to customer service…traditional freighters are reliant on large port infrastructure and tedious customs inspections, which are estimated to be a third less efficient in Latin American Ports.” VTR stated that there will be exponential growth in industry demand over the next ten years.

In the words of shareholder Elliot Heyne “Investing in Ceiba S.A. will offer short term gains and long term prosperity – not just for your wallet but for your grandchildren, one wave at a time, one gust of wind at a time, we’re making a big difference.”
For those interested in the share issue, please visit: www.sailcargo.org


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