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John Faraclas – picture credits Panagiotis Tsakos Photography –

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 28 points earlier on and things are only rosy for the very powerful few! Geopolitics in total disarray with …NO Climate Change. John Faraclas’ daily briefing:

So, what can save the markets, particularly the Dry ones? Who can tell us in writing what to expect? What are shipfinance lenders thinking right now? Who can save the day?

The BCI lost 81 (eighty-one) points since yesterday and now the BCI 2014 reads 1,430…

The Panamaxes also fell 19 points and now the BPI stands at 810 points; will the fall continue below the 800 barrier?

The Supras were down too 13 points and the BSI now stands at  685 points…

The Handies complete the downwards dry trend with the BHSI losing six points and at 449 enters a dangerous level…

The Wets on the same wavelength as per yesterday’s reporting; the last published BDTI (Dirties) and BCTI (Cleans) stands at 768 – minus 17 and 558 – plus two for the Cleans; something to be proud of today…

The WTI as this lines are written stands at US$ 49.01 – cool, still cool below the US$ 50 mark. Shale oil will ridicule this prices… just wait and see!

Geopolitics are creating a major uncertainty in all fronts; the main issues remain unchanged and some, completely unchallenged; the overall situation remains dodgy,,, some call it an enigmatic situation:

The MIGRANTS on top, the Wars in |Syria and Iraq, the Middle East saga, Turkish mess –  internal with still unknown and uncertain future and external politics and behaviour which includes continues pestering of all of its neighbours – particularly Greece… Turkish diplomacy  at best is weird…

Greece next door still in dire straits yet again; CAUTION as you never ever know what can happen any moment now… The end of an era today with ex conservative/ neoliberal premier Konstantinos Mitsotakis setting his course to his trip in eternity. For over 50 years, the centenarian Cretan politician and resistance fighter against the NAZIS and others in WWII, received the final good bye by his family, friends and Greeks all over.

BREXIT and the forthcoming elections in the United Kingdom which take an unusual U-turn with voters, according to the media supporting Labour in the south and particularly in London. We do not take sides, but Mrs. May and her Conservatives need a decisive win to avoid a hung parliament and we wonder if Mr. Corbyn can rule and whether his party is on a RWAD modus… The die is cast and in less than a week it will be over!

President Trump is pulling away from the Paris Climate Agreement and let’s see what’s next! Things are crucial as he also faces many issues in the USA! The Chinese will side with those who wish to honour their commitment…

Yemen in total collapse; what can the UN do there?

Putin suggest that Russian hackers are patriotic… what a laugh… Whether you are a patriotic or non-patriotic, you are a hacker; end of the story, which brings us to the conclusion: who isn’t a hacker today…

We will continue our geopolitics tomorrow with a full weekly account, so be braced from what is yet to read…

On a different tone now; as you all know we are staunch supporters and members of WISTA-UK and tonight we honour WISTA Med and WISTA Spain for their annual AGM and 10th Anniversary of WISTA SPAIN. Anny Zade is ALLABOUTSHIPING’s spearhead of WISTA but due to unforeseen circumstances she aborted the flight to the Iberic peninsular, but lady luck…supported us with our Aegean sea-maiden, that is Maria Mavroudi of Marsh & McLennan and WISTA-Hellas!

Good to see a strong presence of WISTA-Hellas as well as WISTA-Cyprus!

Tonight at the Club Financiero Genova the reception/cocktail event took place and possibly continues as you read these lines…

WISTA-Spain president Rosana Velasco greeting the WISTAs

Rosana Valasco, the current WISTA Spain president, a P&I workaholic for nearly twenty years, delivered a short but to the point welcome and anniversary speech; she said:

“It is a pleasure to see all the many WISTA members, friends and supporters, all together, here today I our celebration, sharing this very special moment.

A very warm welcome to our friends – using the language of many nations present, coming from Greece and Cyprus – kalos orisate, Turkey –  Hosh-gel dinn-iz, Italy – Benvenuti, Israel -Baruk haba, France -Bienvenue, The Philippines Maligayangpagdating and Israel – Gruezi- greetings which really warmed up the evening.

Her interest was that everybody was having a great time.

WISTA-Spain’s BoD with Rosana Velasco second from the left

She carried on by saying “…As you all know, this year WISTA SPAIN celebrates its 10th anniversary since being founded. Since then, we have had a fantastic growth in membership, there being now 69 members from all different shipping sectors: lawyers, ship brokers, ship charterers, surveyors,

Harbour Masters, ship agents, marina managers, biologists, professors, etc. Such a variety has enriched and continues to enrich our Association, and this encourages us all to keep working towards the objectives of WISTA.”

She briefly mentioned “…I would like to acknowledge and thank all the hard work done by my fellow WISTA SPAIN members, the FOUNDERS. With the professionalism and commitment, in 2007, 15 women decided that Spain with its thousands of miles of coastline, maritime history, and a growing number of women already working in the industry, deserved to have a national WISTA Association, following on with the spirit of a previous association.”

Maria Mavroudi – WISTA-Hellas with WISTA-Cyprus president Despina Panagiotou-Theodosiou

“So, in 2007, said women founded WISTA SPAIN using their own means, time and resources. I would like to ask those women of this first members group who are with us this evening, to stand next to me, and to all of you to put your hands together in recognition of all the work done: Ana Maria Sansez Horneros, Mercedes Dutch, Consuelo Rivero, Carmen Santana, Laura Ferrario, Monica Monge, Nadia Kanan, Blanca Rodriguez, Tamia Molina, Esther Salmoral, Isabel Ponas, Marta Cos”.

Moreover she continued “… I would like to make a special mentioning of my predecessors as presidents of WISTA SPAIN, Carmen Santana and Laura Ferrario, and of course, our absolutely essential Secretary Consuelo Rivero.  Without them, WISTA SPAIN would certainly not be what it is now.”

smiling faces: Maria Mavroudi with Maria Angelidou from WISTA-Hellas and  Martina Meinders, Laura Ferrario from WISTA-Spain


She ended saying; “…And talking about thanking, I also want to thank  very much to our sponsors, which have with no doubt supported the Association is this very special moment, thanks to:

MA Abogados, Ership, Hispania P&I Correspondents, Munoz y Montanes, Grupo Boluda, Aiyon Abogados, San Simon & Dutch, Vilma Oil, Tototheo Group, GAC, WISTA Turkey, AD Yacht Broker Srl, Adjuster Marine, OPDR, Avante Martankers, The American P & I Club, and Hotel Kallichoron”.



…we are sailing, we are sailing…

Finally, she invited all to enjoy the party and in helping the event and enjoyment, she mentioned that the special surprise cake, a fantastic WISTA SPAIN X Anniversary cake was prepared with the help of some of our WISTA SPAIN Madrid children!

On the floor now to dance; music please!

We will revert tomorrow with the first day’s deliberations from Madrid…

Have a nice evening and be on guard for any eventuality from Pirates and Terrorists wherever you are on Planet Ocean!



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