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Lake Charles, United States
Calcasieu River Ship Channel update
Friday, June 2, 2017, Lake Charles, United States
Traffic at Calcasieu River Ship Channel is currently limited to vessels with a draft of 15′ or less, after a 60′ spud was dropped by a dredge company into the Channel and unsuccessful attempts at retrieval.

The spud was lying flat on the bottom of the ship channel in about 40′ of water, but due to the unsuccessful attempts at retrieval, it appeared to have moved and is now buried under 6-8′ of mud.

A full survey of the area will be performed. When the spud is removed, the survey data would have to be provided to the Coast Guard and Lake Charles Pilots and fully reviewed before the Channel can be reopened.

An empty tanker has been anchored upriver of the closure site with 24-hour pilot and tugs standing by alongside. It will have priority to sail outbound ahead of any additional ship movements.

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