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Oslo Børs: Delisting of bond

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Oslo Børs has on 1 June 2017 decided the following in accordance with the ABM rules section 7:
“Island Offshore Shipholding L.P, the issuer of the bond with ISIN NO0010673866, has violated the ABM rules section 3.1.5 (5). According to this provision Oslo Børs may request any information from the issuer not subject to a duty of confidentiality imposed by law which Oslo Børs considers necessary to ensure that the listing is carried out in accordance with the ABM rules. The information requested shall be provided in such manner as Oslo Børs may require. The Company has not responded to Oslo Børs’ enquiry for information despite of several reminders.

In addition, the Company has violated the provision to make an annual financial report public at the latest four months after the end of each financial year, cf. the ABM rules section 3.4.7 (1). The Company’s annual report for 2016 was made public on 12 May 2017. Oslo Børs has reacted to similar violations from the Company several times over the past years.

Oslo Børs considers the bond issued by the Company as not suitable for listing on Nordic ABM, and has decided to delist the bond, cf. the ABM rules section 7.1 (2). Last day of listing will be 30 June 2017.”

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