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Learning from Pilots in The Navigator

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16 Piloting The Navigator October 2017 cover

04.10.17 – Pilots and their relationship with bridge teams is the focus of the latest edition of The Navigator, the magazine available for free to all seafarers from The Nautical Institute.

Issue 16 examines how best to support a pilot’s skills when they come on board a vessel and how to maintain an excellent relationship with them, both during and after their manoeuvres into and around the port.

Emma Ward, Editor of The Navigator, said: “The relationship between pilots and bridge teams is unique. It relies on teamwork, co-operation and smart risk assessment skills on both sides. Being able to share best practice and discuss the opportunities and challenges surrounding pilotage is crucial, which is why we have concentrated on the topic for this issue of The Navigator.

David Patraiko, Director of Projects for The Nautical Institute, added: “Pilotage is a specialist navigation activity that utilises skills far beyond those required by an Officer of the Watch (OOW). While these skills are essential to Pilots, they are extremely useful for OOWs to learn and practise as well. Observing pilotage in action is an excellent way for navigation officers to learn new skills, better identify hazards and hone their ability to control the movement of their vessel.”

The Navigator Distributor Scheme has encouraged a global distribution of the free, 12-page magazine to as many professional marine navigators as possible. Find out how your organisation can take part in the scheme at: www.nautinst.org/thenavigator

The Navigator is produced by The Nautical Institute with support from the Royal Institute of Navigation. It is available free in print, online or via the App. Printed copies are distributed with The Nautical Institute’s membership magazine, Seaways, as well as through missions and maritime training establishments. The magazine was named winner of the Investment in People Award at the 2015 Seatrade Awards. Find extra content from The Navigator on the NavInspire blog at www.nautinst.org/navinspire

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