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Oslo Børs: Komplett Bank approved for listing

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Oslo Stock Exchange has resolved to admit the shares in Komplett Bank ASA to listing on Oslo Børs.

It is stipulated that the company prior to the first day of listing must satisfy the listing requirements on Oslo Børs.

The Chief Executive Officer of Oslo Børs determines the date of the first day of listing, which is to be no later than 21 December 2017.

About Komplett Bank:
Komplett Bank is a Norwegian bank offering convenient payment and financing products to consumers. The bank was established in 2014 with a European banking license from the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and is a member of the Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund. The bank has a growth strategy based on geographical and product-wise diversification and expansion and operates out of Lysaker, Norway. The bank has a digital, scalable and low cost operational model with strong risk control.

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