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Demonstrated compliance in CIC on Safety of Navigation

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Richard Schiferli

Port State Control Officers in the Paris MoU region and the Tokyo MoU performed a joint Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Safety of Navigation, including ECDIS, 2017 in the period from 1 September to 30 November 2017. The aim of the CIC was to verify that the minimum standards for navigation equipment, including familiarity with the equipment.

“It is encouraging to see that the overall result of this campaign on safety of navigation is positive. However, continued monitoring of ECDIS compliance will be necessary”, Secretary General Richard Schiferli is quoted.

A total of 4027 questionnaires for the CIC have been completed during regular inspections. The campaign resulted in 47 detentions (1.2%) directly linked to the related safety of navigation requirements.

Positive results were recorded on the familiarity with the procedure of emergency operation of steering gear (99.4%), the transmitting of the correct particulars of AIS (99.3%) and the recognition of stages of remote audible alarm of BNWAS (98.6%).

Least compliant were recordings on appropriate up to date electronic charts and back up arrangements (96.2%) and complete passage plan for the voyage berth to berth(96.3%).

Majority of the 4027 inspections performed during the CIC were on general cargo/multi-purpose ships, 1155 (29%) inspections and bulk carriers with 883 (22%) inspections.

Ships flying the flags of Panama (13%), Malta (9%) and Marshall Islands (9%) were inspected most frequently.

The results of the campaign will be further analysed and findings will be presented to the Port State Control Committee. The final CIC report will be published on the Paris MoU website www.parismou.org

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