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The actions of the “Let’s Cleanup Europe” campaign kicked off

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Porto Lagos, Xanthi

The enthusiasm of younger and older volunteers characterized the opening, on Friday 4 May 2018, of the “Let’s Cleanup Europe” campaign, which is coordinated by the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association – HELMEPA for the 5th consecutive year in our country and continues until the end of the month.

Pyrgos, Korinthia

According to the initial data received, the staff of Member Companies, students, teachers, Municipal and Port Authorities conducted 26 cleanups of beaches , the seafloor and terrestrial areas at Agathonissi, Alexandroupolis, Corfu, Heraclion in Crete, Igoumenitsa, Imeros in Rodopi, Ioannina, Kozani, Larissa, Leros, Loutraki, Neo Faliro, Patras, Pella in Imathia, Preveza, Rhodes, Rio in Achaia, Salamis and Xanthi.

On 4 May, HELMEPA coordinated an innovative cleanup action along the 9 km-long road connecting the villages of Pyrgos and Lygia in Corinth. Participants were students-“Cadets” and teachers of the Lyceum of Derveni along with other volunteers, who filled 42 large bags with litter, which otherwise would have ended up in the sea due to the sloping nature of the road and the rainstorm that followed. This initiative was organized by the “Nireas” Association for the Protection of Natural and Cultural Environment of the Korinthiakos and Patraikos Gulf and was carried out in cooperation with the Municipality of Xylocastro-Evrostini, the “Hermes” Educational and Local Improvement Society of Pyrgos and the Federation of  Ecological Organizations of the Corinth Gulf “Alkyon”. The Hellenic Recovery-Recycling Organization, which technically supports the campaign, collected the separated packaging waste.

Another picture from Pyrgos, Korinthia

After the cleanup, the students visited the tomb of Olympic Winner marathon runner, St. Kyriakides and viewed a documentary on his great achievement to win, in 1946, the 50th Boston International Marathon Run, thus sensitizing Americans and Greek expatriates on the needs of Greece, which was then suffering from poverty.

In Attica, on Sunday 6 May, HELMEPA supported the staff of Associate Member Company Eurobulk S.A., who along with their families, carried out a voluntary beach cleanup of Kavouri in Vouliagmeni. Collected litter consisted mainly of fragmented small-sized plastic items, which poses a significant threat to marine life.

Kavouri, Attica

The recording of collected items on HELMEPA’s data cards offers valuable information on amounts, types and sources of marine litter. The total data from all cleanups will be published in June, while participating students and coordinators of actions will receive a commemorative Participation Diploma.

To date a further 55 actions have been scheduled with the participation of 4,700 volunteers. At the following link http://www.helmepa.gr/en/cleanup.php you may view an e-map with the sites of scheduled cleanups and register to participate in these actions or by organizing your own cleanup.

Lake Vouliagmeni, Attica

For further information please contact HELMEPA’s Environmental Awareness Sector, email: environment@helmepa.gr, tel. (+30) 210-9343088.

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