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‘Think global, act local’: Harbour Life presents the people behind the Port of Antwerp

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Harbourlife – Patick Verhoeven

With the English edition of ‘Harbour Life’ the Antwerp-based publisher Pandora returns to its maritime roots. ‘Harbour Life’ presents the full gamut of life in the Port of Antwerp. In four walking and cycling tours through the city and port, author Patrick Verhoeven introduces the reader to 33 people who are driven by the Port of Antwerp in one way or another. These include typical port professionals such as a docker, a ship’s captain, a pilot and a shipbroker, but also café owners, a priest, an organist, a nature conservationist and heritage guards. Noortje Palmers’ photos highlight their colourful stories while the maps and infographics by Pieter Boels bring to life the facts and figures of Europe’s second-largest port.

‘Harbour Life’ was initiated by Marc Van Peel, Chairman of the Antwerp Port Authority and Vice-Mayor of the City of Antwerp. “Our port connects countries, people and products and is therefore an indispensable link in our economy”, said Marc Van Peel. “Nevertheless, at a time when we are connected 24/7 we do not want to lose sight of the expression ‘think global, act local’. After all, local solidarity and human contact remain very valuable, also in a global port like Antwerp. The often hidden but hard-working community that makes the success of our port every day presents itself in ‘Harbour Life’, a unique port guide that portrays life in the port as it is. All employees in and around the port make it the icon it is today.”


The four walking and cycling tours of ‘Harbour Life’ also highlight 211 places of interest with a maritime vocation, including 14 pubs, 26 restaurants and diners, 14 nature conservation areas, 10 churches, 10 museums en 4 fortresses.

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