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What’s up with the Capes and its latest spike?

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John Faraclas

The BDI  (Baltic Dry Index) gained another 45 points earlier on today and now reads 1,612 points – over and above the 1,600 point-threshold,  thanks to the unprecedented Capes skyrise! Geopolitics messy as ever. John Faraclas brief note before the main report:

The Capes’ BCI for the fifth day running  gained another triple-digit, 270 points plus and surpassing the 3,000 point threshold – actually now reading 3,013, pause a big question and uncertainty! What’s up?

We wonder as this might wrongly influence many stakeholders and create yet another market mess: from the wrong Sales and Purchase Valuation to determining the newbuilding prices and many more other issues.

Nothing  special developed in the other indices except stagnation and fall…

Log on later on tonight for the full recap and Geopolitics.

Off now to the Seahorse Club’s Summer party…

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