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COA launches re-designed website

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The Container Owners Association has launched its new, re-designed, website – Members and other interested organisations are invited to visit it. See: www.containerownersassociation.org

The aim of the new design is to provide easy access to the various activities that are being undertaken by the COA for its Members,  including technical work projects and events:

(a)    COA Technical Projects (Coatings, Flooring, Reefers, Safety, Flexitanks, Dry Freight Containers, IT/Telematics, Industry Documents)
(b)    COA Events (Information about future meetings, and document resources from previous meetings)
(c)     COA News (Latest news about the Association’s activities)

Of course, managing an Association Website is a continual process – and further data and content will be uploaded and managed on an on-going basis.

….and publishes 2018 Waterborne Coatings Report

The 2018 “Report on Availability of Waterborne Paints for the Container Industry” has been published by the COA’s New Materials Committee and is available for Members to download from the website.

This is the 6th Revision of the Report, which was first published by the COA in 2010 – when it became clear that the industry would have to move to the use of waterborne paint instead of solvent based paint.  As of 1 April 2017, all major container manufacturers had to make the switch – so all buyers of dry boxes are now receiving their containers coated with waterborne paint.

The Report includes background information on waterborne paints, an overview of suppliers, analysis of waterborne paint at the factories, typical problems. It concludes with potential implications for COA Members of the switch to waterborne coatings.

In his introduction to the Report, Nigel Stribley, Chairman of the COA New Materials Committee, notes: “The aim of this report is to provide COA members with an ‘easy-to-understand’ summary of the subject of waterborne paints as it potentially affects container owners, presenting the facts surrounding their introduction into the container industry.”

COA Members may download the Report – click here: WATERBORNE EPORT

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