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David Marsh on Berlin, Desmond Lachman on Trump and the Fed, and more

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Chancellor Angela Merkel

COMMENTARY Berlin strains to flare again
Strains in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s three-party coalition, which appear to have died down during the summer, seem ready to flare again in coming weeks, writes David Marsh. This will significantly influence German policy-making in fields ranging from budgetary policy to reforming EMU. Read more.



MEETING DZ BANK capital markets conference


This conference in Berlin between 5-7 September will bring together leading policy-makers, financial experts and industry representatives to discuss political and macroeconomic developments in Europe and beyond, as well as challenges for capital markets, alternative assets and the impact of digitalisation. Read more.



MEETING Misconduct risk in the financial sector
Undertaken with the South East Asian Central Banks (Seacen) Research and Training Centre, this discussion on 4 September in Singapore will evaluate the appropriate supervisory approach and governance frameworks to mitigate emerging misconduct risk in the financial sector. Read more.



PODCAST Introduction to Islamic finance
Faizal Karbani, founder and chief executive of Simply Ethical, a financial services firm focusing on the provision of sharia-compliant products, gives an overview of the Islamic finance market, taking into account its growth and development across the globe in recent decades. Listen to the podcast.



COMMENTARY Trump’s hallmark is insularity
The hallmark of US economic policy-making in the age of Donald Trump is insularity. This is particularly the case with emerging markets, writes Desmond Lachman. The repercussions of the Turkish economic crisis provide ample forewarning. In ignoring the plight of emerging markets, the US is steering a perilous course. Read more.



MEETING Political and economic outlook for the UK
A roundtable discussion with Nicky Morgan, member of parliament for Loughborough and chair of the Treasury select committee, on 10 September in London. The meeting will focus on the UK’s political and economic position in the run up to withdrawal from the European Union. Read more.



MEETING Inclusive and innovative growth in Asia
OMFIF and the International Finance Corporation are organising a seminar in Singapore on 11 September to discuss ideas and best practice on inclusive and innovative growth. Topics of discussion include demography, globalisation, digitalisation, and channeling infrastructure asinvestment to Asia. Read more.


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