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Unity strengthening in Visegrád group, Central Bank of Ireland meeting

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Commentary: Unity strengthening in Visegrád group

By Miroslav Singer in Prague

Solidarity among the Visegrád group – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – played a major role in the EU abandoning common allocation quotas for migrants. Opposition to these quotas is just one of the factors bolstering V4 unity. Members perceive more clearly the negative consequences of the common market and free flows of capital. Issues like this explain the relatively uniform shifts in the opinions of V4 leaders, and signal the region’s continuing disassociation from western European politics.

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Meeting: Enhancing the innovator-regulator conversation 


Tuesday 11 September, London, 14:15 GMT

A roundtable discussion with Martin Moloney, special adviser on policy and risk at the Central Bank of Ireland. The meeting will focus on how regulators and innovators applying advanced technologies in financial services can collaborate better. Following the launch of the Central Bank of Ireland’s Innovation Hub, topics will include how value can be added by engagement with regulators and how these authorities can achieve equitable treatment of and learn from innovators.

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