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Threat of ‘currency bullying’, The UK’s macroeconomic outlook

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Commentary: Threat of ‘currency bullying’

By Otaviano Canuto in Washington

In July the IMF released its 2018 External Sector Report, its latest assessment of the current account balances of the world’s 30 largest economies. There are reasons to expect abrupt alterations ahead, particularly in the light of US fiscal easing, US-led trade wars and bouts of Chinese exchange rate depreciation.

It is possible that currencies will be subjected to their own war or ‘currency bullying’. Rhetoric from Washington is likely to remain clamorous as the US trade and current account deficits rise and global imbalances worsen.

Read the full commentary on the website.


Meeting: The UK’s macroeconomic outlook


Wednesday 19 September, London, 08:15 BST

OMFIF organises a breakfast discussion with Silvana Tenreyro, member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the Bank of England.

Topics will focus on unconventional monetary policy, the productivity puzzle in the UK, and the implications of central bank policy divergence among leading world economies.

Request to attend the meeting.


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