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Celebrating the UK’s Year of Engineering at INEC/iSCSS … and Exhibitions News

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  • 18 countries represented by speakers and delegates
  • STEM Day being held for students from four schools at INEC/iSCSS
  • Young presentation authors also being lauded

In less than two weeks speakers and delegates from 18 countries will meet in Glasgow at INEC 2018 – the 14th International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition, incorporating the International Ship Control Systems Symposium (iSCSS).

Being held 2 – 4 October at the Technology & Innovation Centre at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, this duo ofIMarEST (Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology) Learned Society conferences, organised by FIGS Events, will also play host to up to 40 school students aged 10-18 years old from four schools on Wednesday 3 October when a STEM Day is staged as the event’s contribution to the UK’s Year of Engineering 2018.

Not only will the Royal Navy Outreach van be parked outside the venue for the day and welcoming the young visitorsaboard, but exhibitors (including Babcock International Group, BAE Systems, BMT, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, L3 MAPPS, Lloyd’s Register, IMarEST, Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC), Primary Engineer, Rolls-Royce, Royal Navy, Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC), Steller Systems Ltd and Wärtsilä) are eager to meet thestudents, to talk about the initiatives being run by their organisations.

In the opening plenary session (2 October) Captain Mike Rose RN and Captain Dave Joyce RN from the UK Ministry of Defence will be speaking on ‘Defence youth STEM outreach – inspiring the next generation’.

“The Year of Engineering introduces the matter of inspiring the next generation on STEM, this is timely when set against the backdrop of a UK national skills shortage,” explains Captain Rose. “We will be presenting the Royal Navy’s work in this area, ranging from schools engagement through to the strategic partnerships they have built across government, industry and the professional institutions such as IMarEST. The aim is to inspire and challenge others to do the same as part of a national effort.”

The importance of STEM to the Royal Navy

INEC’s Conference Chairman Captain Matt Bolton RN, who just months ago launched the Royal Navy’s national competition (with UK Naval Engineering Science & Technology – UKNEST) aimed at school children in years 1-13 to come up with an innovative design for a ship capable of rescuing up to a thousand people from the sea*, takes up the STEM story: “STEM is what drives the Royal Navy – whether it is the mathematics used to design our ships and submarines, the engineering expertise to keep them running and at sea, the science that underpins the awesome range of capabilities, or the advanced technology which makes the Royal Navy one of the foremost navies in the world – all of it relies on a detailed knowledge of STEM subjects,” he explains.

“During the Year of Engineering, Royal Navy STEM teams have engaged with thousands of students and teachers, highlighting the importance of engineering in our world today and for the country’s future prosperity and success; and we’re certainly looking forward to meeting the school students at INEC/iSCSS.

“The UK is short of engineers and technicians, so by demonstrating that engineering is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice the pan-Government campaign is working to fill that gap.  The UK MOD is a large employer of engineers and technicians; over a third of the Royal Navy’s personnel are employed in engineering, and so wherever the Royal Navy operates around the globe, engineers and technicians are there providing essential support to keep the aircraft, ships, submarines or vehicles operating.  As a world-class provider of technical training and an Outstanding OFSTED assessed provider of apprenticeships, the Royal Navy is committed to its involvement in STEM Outreach, developing the engineers and technicians of the future.

“As well as welcoming school students, INEC/iSCSS 2018 in the Year of Engineering, it is highly appropriate that once again, young authors have been encouraged to enter for the Sir Donald Gosling Award, open to authors of 35 years of ageor under. 22 candidates from 7 countries will be presenting their papers throughout the three-day conference.  We look forward to welcoming all to this important event.”

Strong support

The Principal Sponsor of INEC/iSCSS 2018 is L3 MAPPS; Rolls-Royce, BMT and Babcock International Group are all Major Sponsors. Supporting organisations are The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI); UKNEST; Society for Underwater Technology (SUT); Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE); and the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE). The Official Publication is The Marine Professional with Naval Forces as Media Partner.

Further information

Information on all aspects of INEC and iSCSS is available at www.inec.org.uk and inec@figsevents.co.uk.

INEC and iSCSS 2018 Technical Advisory Committees

INEC and iSCSS 2018 Technical Advisory Committees are a group of experts formed from the defence industry, academia and navies worldwide and include:

  • Chairman: Capt Matt Bolton RN, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Dr Sal Ahmed, US Office of Naval Research Global, UK
  • Jens Ballé, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH, Germany
  • Lt Amy Bolland RN, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Prof Campbell Booth, University of Strathclyde, UK
  • Lt Cdr Alex Davies RN, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Peter Deverill, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • John Forbes, BAE Systems Maritime – Naval Ships, UK
  • Cdr Rinze Geertsma RNLN, Defence Materiel Organisation, The Netherlands (Chairman, iSCSS 2018)
  • Ian Grant, QinetiQ, UK
  • Prof Alistair Greig, University College London, UK
  • Cdr Ian Hassall RN, Ministry of Defence, UK
  • Keith Howard, Babcock International Group, UK
  • Paul Karas, UK
  • Paul Maillardet, UK
  • Dr Phil Rottier, The MathWorks, UK
  • Oliver Simmonds, BMT Defence & Security (UK) Ltd, UK
  • Rob Skarda, Steller Systems, UK
  • Glen Sturtevant, United States Department of Navy, USA
  • Benjamin Thorp, Rolls-Royce, UK

iSCSS 2018 Technical Advisory sub-Committee

  • Chairman: Cdr Rinze Geertsma RNLN, Defence Materiel Organisation, The Netherlands
  • Jeffrey Cohen, US Navy Surface Warfare Center, USA
  • Toby Drywood, BMT Defence & Security (UK) Ltd, UK
  • Prof Carlos Guedes Soares, Centre for Marine Technology and Ocean Engineering (CENTEC), Portugal
  • Dr Michele Martelli, University of Genoa, Italy
  • Suthakar Pakianathan, Department of National Defence, Canada
  • Rear Admiral ME (ret) Klaas Visser, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Dr David Alan Wetz Jr., University of Texas, USA
  • Dr Mehdi Zadeh, NTNU Marine Technology, Norway

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