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Implementation of Taganrog Sea Commercial Port’s development programme in 2018

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In 2018, Taganrog Sea Commercial Port JSC (TagSCP, a company of UCL Holding) invested USD 4.5 million into the port infrastructure development programme, which is 2.3 times as much as in the same period of 2017.

As a part of its technical upgrading, TagSCP invested in renewal and expansion of its fleet of handling equipment. The company acquired two full-circle electrical rail cranes RPS-640 with the capacity of up to 32 tonnes fitted with 10-cbm grabs.
The new cranes will let the company improve performance and efficiency of dry bulk cargo handling at Berths No2 and No 3. Besides, the company purchased a HYUNDAI HL760-9S loader with a 4-cbm bucket intended for dry bulk material handling.

TagSCP also purchased truck scales and electric scissors lift for maintenance and repair of portal cranes and loaders.
The company’s fleet of handling equipment was also expanded with a 5-cbm grain handling grab required for a SENNEBOGEN handling machine and a 5.8-cbm grab for coal handling by portal cranes. Besides, the port acquired a big bag spreader and a grip-type tilter for steel coils, which will let improve safety, efficiency and quality of handling operations.

In order to increase useful capacity of its facilities for accepting, accumulation and storing of dry bulk cargo the port purchased protective structures of reinforces concrete. The company also acquired a perforator, an aluminium hydraulic jack and an electrically powered pump station of NER-type for operation with hydraulic tools used during installation/dismantling/repair operations.

To ensure heating of oil products and to reduce loss of pressure when handling this type of cargo the company acquired and installed one more fuel oil heater.

Besides, investment programme of TagCSP includes a package of measures focused on improvement of safety and fire prevention. Among key activities in the reporting period was the replacement of high-voltage equipment, laying and connecting of a high-voltage bridle cable between the port’s substations as well as replacement of gas metering unit and placement of electric columns for protection of portal cranes from overload and SC currents.

The company has also commenced implementing an investment project on construction of water treatment facilities and completed designing works under the project.

About Taganrog Sea Commercial Port:

Taganrog Sea Commercial Port JSC (TagSCP, part of UCL Port, a stevedoring division of the international transportation group UCL Holding) is a key stevedoring company operating at the Port of Taganrog. TagSCP operates at the port’s Berths No 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8. In 2018, the company allocated USD 1.9 million under its development programme.

Credits: IAA PortNews

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