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AllAboutShipping’s top 100 individuals for 2018

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Simos P.  Palios

The www.allaboutshipping.co.uk  top 100 Shipping and shipping related individuals for 2018

Following a special survey conducted by AllAboutShipping’s team we are pleased to offer you a comprehensive list including as much as possible  all of Shipping’ s professions…

Running a survey to produce the top echelon of the Shipping industry’s top stakeholders from almost, as said in the preamble,  all categories, is beyond patience to analyse everything and ensure everything correlates so as to give you the best possible result.

Thanks to Posidon we managed to have an interesting and detailed input with actual facts witnessed for many decades to be able to compile such a list referring to 2018’s top 100 individuals and in the new reality we live in this world (era) is like a valuation. One needs to know how to manage and appreciate value – beginning with basket ball and thereafter with other sports we have the most valuable player… conversely in Shipping: the most valuable person under many circumstances, events and situations… We also draw the line to make the distinction between managers and leaders as our survey deals mainly with leadership!

We have used as much as possible performance appraisal which on the other hand is a special kind of criticism and believing in constructive criticism per Aristotle we come to the result which we offer you herebelow…

Remember we humans are the cruellest and most ruthless species that has ever walked the earth or crossed the oceans and our performance is what counts most. In love and in war everything is permissible ; so be it with business (war) , governed of course by business ethics. The winner takes it all!

Talent is a great factor; everybody has talents and these talents and other charismas set the record for each one of us. Charisma is the compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others and tackle appropriately the shipping adventure to all intents and purposes

Here you go with a list supporting both genders too as Shipping is a matter of …seamanship with sea-maidens greatly involved..:

1.Simos P. Palios
2.Irene Rosberg
3.Paillette Paleologou
4.Dr. Aleka Mandaraka-Sheppard
5.Dimitris Monioudis
6.Theodore El. Veniamis
7.Harry J. Fafalios
8.Margarita Mavromichalis
9.James Brewer
10.Themis Vokos

11.Jim Davis
12.Dr. Nikos Mikelis
13.Christine Cabau Woehrel
14.George Xiradakis
15.George Is. Margaronis
16.Nicolas Bornozis
17.Stamos J. Fafalios
18.Panos Zachariades
19.George A. Tsavliris
20.Byron Vassiliades

21.Maria Mavroudi
22.UK PM Theresa May
23.Nicholas Brown BV
24.Joe Hughes
25.Prof. Helena Thanopoulou
26.Natalia Margioli and Katharina Stanzel (equal on all counts)*
27.Unni Einemmo
28.John Sahinis
29.Mia Jensen
30.Dorothea Ioannou

31.Dr. Kostas Gkonis
32.Dr.John Kokarakis
33.Charlotte Røjgaard
34.Vaggelis Marinakis
35.Danae Bezantakou
36.Bjørg Ekornrud
37.Dr.Marina Papaioannou
38.UK Ambassador to Greece H.E. Ms Kate Smith
39.Irene St. Daifas
40.Dr. Christos Leontopoulos

41.Prof. Costas Th. Grammenos
42.Nicholas P. Tsakos
43.Prof. Averil Macdonald
44.Lt. Cdr Philip Wake
45.Prof. Gonda Van Steen
46.The Panamanian Ambassador in Athens H.E. Christina Liakopulos de Papadikis
47.Theodosis Stamatelos
48.Sue Terpilowski OBE
49.George Teriakides
50.Angie Hartman

51.Panos Laskarides
52.John Platsidakis
53.Dr. Alec Coutroubis
54.Harry Theochari
55.Dr. Ravi Mehrotra
56.Captain P. Mukundan
57.Anna Kalliani
58.Sofia Konstantopoulou
59.John Angelikoussis
60.Patty Apostolopoulou

61.Panagiotis Mitrou
62.Judith Patten
63.Kitack Lim
64.Captain Orlando Allard
65.John Gauci-Maistre
66. Maria Belen Espiñeira
67.Nicola Good
68.Lou Kollakis
69.Anastasios Papagianopoulos
70.Paddy Rodgers

71.Anne H Steffensen
72.Kathy Metcalf
73.George Prokopiou
74.Takashi Nakabe
75.Nick Brown LR
76.Costas Frangeskides
77.Despina Panayiotou-Theodosiou
78.Stavros Meidanis
79.Frank Coles
80.Isabelle Ryckbost

81.Richard Greiner
82.Andreas A. Tsavliris
83.Nick Savvides
84.Natasha Brown
85.Nigel Lowry
86.Ioannis Martinos
87.the late Pericles Panagopoulos
88.Harry Vafias
89.Martin Dorsman
90.George Th. Lemos

91.Dr. Martin Stopford
92.US President Donald Trump
93.Richard Schiferli
94.Bridget Hogan
95.Birgit Solling Olsen
96.Zhong Haifeng
97.Gina Panayotou
98.Athena Kanellatou
99.Irene K. Notias
100.Kira Phoenix K’inan


*we have them both in 26th place and all in all 101 name appear for 100 places.

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Irene Notias February 19, 2019 - 12:05 AM

To All About Shipping Management and staff,
Thank you for the recognition and including me in your 2018 top shipping people.
It is an encouraging feeling to be acknowledged amongst these other persons, especially John Angelicoussis and the likes or even President Trump.
Leadership is innate in all of us. It is a matter of doing what is needed and standing up and in front. Fearlessness to move things to the right place and to help humans be happy. This should be every leaders role and goal. Wishing you all to experience this. . Goodnight.

Stavroula Gavridi February 21, 2019 - 12:05 PM

Congratulations to all the individuals included in the list, but to these that are still working hard.

Many thanks to the All About Shipping team for their hard work and their contribution to the industry.


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